The LG Twins’ free agent signings were supposed to be wrapped up quickly once they signed Chan-kyu Lim and Deok-joo Ham.

However, there is still one player left. It’s veteran infielder Kim Min-sung (36). After signing a three-year, 1.8 billion won contract with the Kiwoom Heroes on March 5, 2019, for a total of 300 million won (300 million won in signing bonus, 1.2 million won in annual salary, and 300 million won in options), Kim became the second free agent to move to LG in a sign-and-trade format for 500 million won in cash.

He was the main third baseman but is now an all-around backup.

After losing the third base spot to Moon Bo-kyung from 2022, Kim Min-seong played well as a backup in every position in the infield last year. In the early part of the season, he filled in for star shortstop Oh Ji-hwan when he went down with a side injury, then moved to second base after Seo Geon-chang went down with a slump, and later played first, third, 온라인카지노 and second base as a backup until the end of the season. He has played more than 100 defensive innings at every position in the infield, including first base (105.2 innings), second base (280 innings), third base (135 innings), and shortstop (145 innings).

He was the first player to play 100+ innings in all four infield positions in a season since 2001, when the KBO officially started keeping track of defensive innings.Kim’s presence allowed the team to manage the injuries and fitness of its main players, and was the key to their first championship in 29 years.

In 112 regular-season games, Kim batted .273 (68-for-273) with eight home runs and 41 RBIs. In the Korean Series, he appeared in four games as a substitute and helped the team win the title.

It was also Kim Min-seong’s first championship.

After winning the championship, he filed for free agency for the second time. He became a free agent along with Lim Chan-kyu and Ham Deok-ju. Negotiations with Im Chan-kyu and Ham Deok-ju seemed to be difficult. Kim Min-sung seemed to be able to do it quickly, and because of the team’s situation, Im Chan-gyu and Ham Deok-joo came first, so I thought that if they signed, Kim Min-sung would also be announced quickly. He is 36 years old, and because he is a B-grade player, it is not easy to transfer because there are compensation players if he transfers to another team.

But it was a surprise. LG signed Im Chan-kyu and Ham Deok-ju in late December, and then negotiated with Kim Min-seong, but unexpectedly, 실시간 바카라사이트 there was no signing news.

LG CEO Cha Myung-seok said, “We presented the contract terms to Kim Min-sung. We told him that we would contact him when he decided, but he hasn’t contacted us yet.” It’s safe to say that LG didn’t come up with satisfactory terms.

More than a month later, the two sides met again on the 17th, but this time, they didn’t reach a perfect agreement to shake hands. It seems that Kim Min-sung is not yet satisfied with the terms offered by LG. “We’re finding agreement little by little,” Cha said, “and I hope we can sign a contract next week.”