There is a high possibility that a heavy snow warning will be issued in the Yeongdong region of Gangwon-do on the 19th, when the opening ceremony of the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games will be held, so Gangwon-do has begun preparing countermeasures .The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that rain and snow will continue for a long period of time, especially in the Yeongdong region, starting on the 18th, and that heavy snowfall warnings may be issued in some areas as a lot of snow accumulates. The expected snowfall amount by the 19th is 5 to 10 cm in the mountains of Gangwon (more than 15 cm in many places) and 2 to 7 cm in the east coast of central and northern Gangwon.

In relation to this, Gangwon Province is preparing for heavy snowfall by designating 195.1km of roads in the region where the Games are held as ‘Olympic key management roads’ and deploying snow removal equipment. The province has secured 104 pieces of equipment, including 9 Unimogs and 66 dump trucks, and 15,121 tons of snow removal materials such as calcium chloride Additionally, in preparation for heavy snowfall, additional snow removal equipment from the Yeongseo region is planned to be deployed to the Yeongdong region on the 19th. We plan to strengthen patrols and re-spray snow removal agents in vulnerable areas and vulnerable periods where re-freezing or thin ice is expected.

Road management agencies such as the city/county holding the road competition, the Land Administration, and the Korea Expressway Corporation will be on emergency duty until the 2nd of next month. A provincial official said, “We are assessing the current equipment status in order to deploy additional equipment in the Yeongseo region in preparation for heavy snowfall,” and added, “We will build a safe Olympic road with the 스포츠토토존 goal of completing snow removal as soon as the snow stops.”