Signed five U-17 players, including Park Seung-soo

Professional soccer K League 1 Suwon Samsung announced today that it has signed 16-year-old Park Seung-soo, a first-year student at Matango, as its youngest ever semi-professional.

It is the youngest semi-professional signing since the semi-professional system was implemented in 2018.

Park, who grew up in Suwon’s youth system, was named to the national team at the U-17 Asian Cup in Thailand last month, even at the age of 16, due to his outstanding speed, breakthrough and creativity.

Along with Park, Suwon signed five other U-17 players to semi-professional contracts, including Ko Jong-hyun, Lim Hyun-seop, Kwak Sung-hoon, and Kim Sung-joo.

Suwon is also the first U-17 player to sign a semi-professional contract.

In 2018, Suwon signed Park Ji-min and Kim Tae-hwan to semi-professional contracts for the first time in the K League.

Oh Hyun-gyu, who plays for Scottish professional soccer club Celtic, made his debut as a high school student for the first time in the K League on April 26, 2019, against the Pohang Steelers.

“These five semi-professional signings are expected to become the mainstays of the next generation of the Matan Youth Team, 토토사이트 following in the footsteps of Oh Hyun-gyu and others,” Suwon said.