Son Heung-min made his first appearance in a pre-season game in Singapore.

You can see Korean fans holding the Korean flag, right?

Kane’s free-kick was good at targeting empty spaces..

Oh, it’s an offside declaration.

Son Heung-min’s left-footed ball also slightly crossed the crossbar.

He only played in the first half and was replaced, but he still looks light, right?

Tottenham won 5:1 thanks to Hisharlisson’s hat trick in the second half.

This time it’s Brighton and Brentford.

Brighton goalkeeper’s long kick..It is delivered to the striker and leads to a goal.

Wonder goal made with just two touches!

It’s a one shot one kill.

The goals in the second division of the U.S. are also not easy.

The ball kicked by the opposing goalkeeper.. After chest trapping, shoot! It’s going in.

From control to finish, it’s a perfect wonder goal, right?

The last one is Real Madrid’s Hosselu.

The ball from the side.. Bicycle kick!

You’ve split Manchester United’s goal net though.

That was the top play.