oach Simeone, who entered the interview room after the game, said, “The feeling of the game was good. I made a lot of chances in the first half, but not in the second half. I saw the players’ will and found what’s important. Fortunately, there is a VAR in the next game, so we will be able to catch the misjudgment that came out today,” he said.

Director Simeone’s questions and answers are as follows.

Q. How do you feel about the game.

The game felt good. I made a lot of chances in the first half, but there were not many chances in the second half. However, I saw the players’ will and found what is important. Fortunately, there are VARs in other games, so we will be able to catch the misjudgment that came out today.
Q. Why are the main players such as Marcos Llorente and Yannick Carrasco missing.

The players are not in good condition. You have to manage it well and use it well in the first game of the season. For that reason, it was excluded.

Q. If there was an impressive player in Team K League.

To be honest, I couldn’t watch it because I was focusing on our game. I will watch coldly and concentrate on the Korean players again tomorrow.

Q. In the team K-League, only domestic players played in the first half and foreign players played together in the second half. How did you feel.

I didn’t feel any difference. You both did a good job well. I saw a will. His performance was good in the first half, and he scored a lot of goals in the second half. It was a good training game for our team.

Q. Tell me the difference between the first and second half of Atletico players. What kind of lineup will he show to face Manchester City on the 30th.

Man City are the best team. It’s a team that can develop. I think you can get a lot of positive things when you play.

Q. Does Samuel Linu have a possibility of a wingback.

There’s nothing much to say. You have to show it in the stadium. He showed good performance when he played for Valencia and Portugal. There are many similarities with Carrasco. Both would be helpful.

Q. If there is a harvest in defeat.

As you can see from the game, the first half was good. brought the ball to the fore. There were a lot of chances. That was less so in the second half. The balance collapsed after the penalty kick.

Q. I gave young players a chance in the second half, if there was an impressive player.

It was because of the control of exercise that gave young players a chance. The impressive player is Richelme. Fast. Good physically, good kick. It has good backspace penetration and plays smartly. I’m looking forward to it because he knows how to play various games.