Gangwon FC has continued its momentum with the largest home crowd in its history since the pay-per-view attendance figures were released.

Gangwon won 1-0 at home against Ulsan HD in the 13th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at the Chuncheon Songam Sports Town Main Stadium at 4:30 p.m. on April 19. A crowd of 7,850 people watched Kangwon’s victory at the stadium. Fans who stayed in their seats were treated to a variety of event experiences as well as the joy of victory.

Fans have been flocking to the stadium this season. Compared to last year, when the club recorded its highest attendance ever since the 2018 pay-per-view statistics were compiled, this year’s attendance has increased by about 45% based on the first seven home games.

Until last year, Chuncheon’s highest attendance was 6,199 for last year’s home opener against Ulsan. Only twice last season did Chuncheon have more than 6,000 fans in attendance. 스포츠토토 This year, four of the seven home matches were attended by more than 6,000 fans. Of the three games that fell short of the 6,000 mark, two were midweek games and one was due to inclement weather, with the March 31 match against FC Seoul marking the club’s first ever sellout.

Gangwon has been entertaining fans with a variety of activities this year.

Various events utilizing the off-field plaza have been well-received. Against Ulsan, a drawing contest was held, and many children drew pictures at various locations before the game. There were also performances for families, including a magic bubble show and a magic show.

Kangwon plans to expand busking performances in the future. He is waiting for fans to actively participate. Kangwon is always accepting applications to participate in busking. Inquiries can be made through Gangwon FC KakaoTalk or landline phone. Students from dance clubs at Kangwon National University and Hallim University have applied and will show off their talents in front of fans.

Gangwon also paid attention to the food for the fans. It prepared ‘Potato Beer’ from Potato Island and ‘Potato Bread’ from Potato Field, which utilizes potatoes, a famous specialty of Gangwon Province. You can also taste Bongpyeong makgeolli made from buckwheat. Gangwon’s unique food has become a reason to visit home games. In addition, the Orange Food Truck Zone is operated at every game, where you can enjoy a variety of foods such as chicken skewers, chicken kangjeong, pizza, and more along with the game.

Fans are also welcoming Kangwon’s efforts. Sung Joo-hee, who visited the stadium with her child, said, “There are many things to do in Chuncheon, 토토사이트 추천 but I always try to visit Gangwon FC stadium on weekends. It’s a great place to visit with kids because there are plenty of food options. There are also various performances, so you can have fun even before the game starts.” ”I hope there will be more events in the future. I will cheer hard for Gangwon at the stadium.”