The Korea Volleyball Association (KVA) held a meeting of the Men’s Performance Enhancement Committee on Dec. 12 and selected 16 players to participate in the 2024 AVC Challenge Cup Men’s Volleyball Tournament after deliberating on a list recommended by head coach Isaiah Ramirez.

Setters Hwang Taek-ui (28, Korea Armed Forces Athletic Corps) and Han Tae-joon (20, Woori Card) were selected, while liberos Park Kyung-min (25, Hyundai Capital) and Kim Young-joon (24, Woori Card) were selected.

Lee Sang-hyun (25-Woori Card), Kim Min-jae (21-Korean Air), Kim Jun-woo (24-Samsung Fire) and Choi Jun-hyuk (20-Inha University) were selected as middle blockers, while Jeong Ji-seok (29-Korean Air), Lim Sung-jin (25-Korea Electric Power), Kim Ji-han (25-Woori Card), Jeong Jung-yong (23-Korean Air) and 메이저 토토사이트 Lee Woo-jin (19-Verobalimoncha) were selected as outside hitters.

Heo Soo-bong (26-Hyundai Capital) and Chae Hwan (27-OK Financial Group) were selected as outside hitter-aposit, while Shin Seong-jin (23-OK Financial Group) was selected as aposit.

The eye-catcher is 19-year-old Lee Woo-jin.

After helping South Korea finish third at the U19 World Volleyball Championship in Argentina last August, Lee signed a contract with Vero Valimonza of the Italian Men’s Professional Volleyball League last month.

He is the first player in South Korean volleyball history to play in a European league right out of high school.

The men’s national volleyball team, which has recently lost its international competitiveness, is looking to improve under new head coach Isnaye Ramirez.

In particular, the team is much younger, with 29-year-old Jung Ji-seok being the oldest member of the squad.

The Korean men’s team is aiming to strengthen its international performance with a generational change in order to qualify for the 2026 Aichi and Nagoya Asian Games and the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

Led by new head coach Isanaye Ramirez, the Korean men’s volleyball team will convene on May 1 for a strengthening training camp before selecting a final 14 players to compete in the 2024 AVC Challenge Cup Men’s Volleyball from June 2-9 in Bahrain.