The prize money is not important. Rather than a prize money, it is better to lower the barrier to entry so that people can enjoy 3×3 in such a good place.”

On the 27th, the NH Nonghyup Bank 2024 KXO 3×3 Gangneung Tour began at the special court at Gyeongpodae Square in Gangneung. This tournament was opened by KXO (Korea 3×3 Basketball Federation). This competition, which marked the second day of the competition on the 28th, is holding final tournaments in each category, and competition to determine the winning team continues. KXO is implementing a new policy starting in 2024. A ‘free participation fee policy’ is being implemented so that more basketball enthusiasts can enjoy 3×3 by converting participation fees for all categories except the KXO league to free.

KXO’s free participation fee policy, which began last January, is receiving great response. The number of participating teams remains at a constant level regardless of the hosting region, and teams are consistently participating in middle and high school divisions, creating topics to talk about.

Yangyang Olle Olle, who visited Gangneung from Yangyang to participate in this competition, is a team of middle school students who are serious about 3×3, so much so that they even participated in the Haneulnaerinje 3×3 Basketball Camp held in Inje-gun.

Yangyang Olle Olle players said, “For middle school students, competitions that are free of participation fee are very valuable. At first, I was surprised to hear that such a large-scale KXO competition was held free of charge.” They added, “Middle school students can’t afford the 30,000-40,000 won participation fee. “It costs money to get to the competition venue, and it costs room and board, so I’m grateful that KXO competitions relieve me of these burdens,” he said, adding that he was very pleased with KXO’s free participation fee policy.

The Wonju YKK team, which is making a name for itself nationally on the high school 3×3 stage, said, “From a student’s perspective, it is much better to have a competition where the participation fee is free. The prize money is a benefit given only to the winning or runner-up teams, but the free participation fee is a benefit given to all teams participating in the competition. “I think so, so I hope KXO’s free participation fee policy spreads nationwide (laughs),” he said.

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