Training teams are flocking to Namwon, Jeollabuk-do from the start of the new year.According to Namwon City on the 9th, youth soccer teams have been visiting and conducting winter training since the 5th.The training camp for youth soccer teams will be divided into three sessions until the 21st, with a total of 954 players from 35 teams participating.In the elementary school tennis field, 20 teams and 300 people began training on the 8th for a 6-day schedule. With over 1,250 athletes visiting this month alone, the city expects that this will be a great help in revitalizing the local economy.

In particular, it is expected that it will have a direct impact on the increase in sales of small business owners, as even parents come together.Mayor Choi Gyeong-sik said, “Namwon has a variety of high-quality sports facilities and an excellent natural environment, making it the best place for field training.” He added, “We will do our best to support athletes to achieve good results and revitalize the local economy by attracting more field training 스포츠토토존 teams in the future.” “We will serve as a towing vehicle for the government,” he said.