The long transfer drama is over. Eventually I leave.

Reporter Santi Auna of French media ‘Foot Mercato’ said on the 8th (Korean time), “Kylian Mbappe is transferring to Real Madrid. The drama is over. An agreement has already been reached with Real Madrid. He will join Real Madrid from next season. “I do,” he said.

There are six months left on Mbappe’s contract with PSG (Paris Saint-Germain). This means that he can freely negotiate transfers with other teams. Mbappe, who refused to renew his contract with PSG, decided to go to Real Madrid, where there had been rumors of a transfer for a long time. 카지노사이트 백링크

This season, Mbappe scored 18 goals and 2 assists in 16 games. He has had no opponents in the French Ligue 1 for a long time. This season too, he is the overwhelming top scorer. The goal difference with second place scorer Bissam Ben Yetter is a whopping 10 goals. The French Ligue 1 stage was too narrow for Mbappe, who is considered the world’s best striker.

Mbappe moved to PSG on loan in 2017 from AS Monaco. PSG brought Mbappe in on a permanent loan basis. Despite being a teenager at AS Monaco, he scored 27 goals and 16 assists in 60 games, including the UEFA Champions League, and was selected as a player who will take responsibility for the future of the team.

Mbappe, who admired Cristiano Ronaldo, admired Real Madrid. However, he accepted the PSG transfer. After conquering the French Ligue 1 and Champions League with PSG, the plan was to take the next step at Real Madrid. Mbappe showed an overwhelming performance at PSG. He finished the warm-up with 21 goals and 16 assists in 48 games, including the cup competition, in the 2017-18 season, and recorded 39 goals and 17 assists in 43 games in the 2018-19 season when the full recruitment option was activated. He has emerged as a key player for PSG and an icon of French football, along with the world’s best players such as Edinson Cavani and Neymar.

PSG’s goal was simple. It was a European domination that had never been achieved since the club was founded. A large number of world-class players were gathered around Mbappe. A representative example was the 222 million euro (approximately 319.1 billion won) buyout of Neymar to Barcelona in 2017. They tried to make history by bringing in a player who was considered the successor to Lionel Messi from the best team in the world. Finally, in 2021, even Messi was recruited from Barcelona. 토토사이트 백링크

This was the reason why Mbappe, who had become a French icon, could not be easily given away. Mbappe contributed to PSG’s victory by scoring over 20 goals each season. He is still active as a superstar, scoring 234 goals and 100 assists in 283 games. PSG retained Mbappe by renewing his contract, but Mbappe wanted to dominate Europe. Even after bringing in world-class players and replacing numerous coaches, the UEFA Champions League trophy was still far away for PSG. PSG advanced to the finals in a single match that was played due to the novel coronavirus, and most of them suffered in the quarterfinals.

It was the same at the moment when he formed the world’s best trio with Messi and Neymar. The objective name value and ransom was ‘Space Defense Force’, but they were caught by Real Madrid and suffered again. In 2022, he signed a new contract with PSG, but decided not to accompany him any longer once his contract expired. PSG announced that it had renewed Mbappe’s contract until 2025, but in reality it was a one-year extension option. If Mbappe does not respond to the club’s request, his official contract period ends in 2024. Mbappe said he would focus on PSG until the summer of 2024, but the club’s high-ranking officials were angry because he did not change his mind that he would leave for a free agent (FA) transfer fee of 0 won.

It was even more shocking because they released high-value players and built a team centered around Mbappe. In fact, PSG President Nasser Al-Khelaifi said at a press conference on the appointment of coach Luis Enrique, “I was shocked by the fact that Mbappe will leave the team as a free agent next season. Mbappe’s decision is a direct result of the decision of the largest French club. “I’m really disappointed. We have to make a decision in the next two weeks. If we don’t sign a new contract, the door is open to exit,” he said.

PSG made a threat, but Mbappe’s decision did not change. When Mbappe did not waver, he resorted to conciliation measures. Many, including the American media ‘Forbes’, said, “Paris Saint-Germain has put Mbappe on the negotiating table for a 10-year contract renewal worth 1 billion euros (about 1.4 trillion won). If Mbappe accepts Paris Saint-Germain’s offer, it will be the largest contract in sports history. “It will be large-scale,” he announced. However, Mbappe did not respond to PSG’s offer to renew his contract.

PSG eventually put the unwavering Mbappe up for sale in the transfer market. Although he only had one year left, he decided to sell if an offer commensurate with the ransom came. The omission of Mbappe from the pre-season tour and various promotional materials was a representative example of PSG’s decision.

According to European soccer transfer market expert Fabrizio Romano, a Saudi Arabian team approached Mbappe. He had hoped to play in the Saudi Arabian league for only one year, until the 2023-24 season. Starting with the 2022 Qatar World Cup, world-class players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Sadio Mane, N’Golo Kante, and Karim Benzema were recruited. Bringing in the world’s best player in his prime could have been a symbolic signing. 메이저사이트 백링크

The team that approached Mbappe was Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal. Al Hilal offered Mbappe a fixed salary of 200 million euros (about 282.1 billion won) and 100% guarantee of image rights. Team negotiations ended with PSG offering a transfer fee of 300 million euros (approximately 423 billion won), but individual negotiations failed. Mbappe decided not to hold any talks with Al Hilal. He did not even show his face to the negotiating team that came to Paris and clearly conveyed his intention to reject the transfer. As the gap between Mbappe and PSG deepened, many theories circulated. ‘PSG Talk’ quoted a report by ‘Sport Zone’ and said, “Mbappe was not interested in appointing coach Luis Enrique. He was also very dissatisfied with the transfer policy that PSG is currently pursuing.”

PSG decided to leave Mbappe out of the first-team squad. But that decision did not last long. A local report said, “Talk between Mbappe and PSG has started again,” and “This is an unexpected new twist. We are talking about Mbappe and PSG. Things may progress next week. Everything is going well with Mbappe.” There was talk that “this suggests that the team’s dynamism will be restored by including him in the first team. It could even go further and lead to a contract renewal.”

Even the British media ‘Mirror’ said, “It was a cold start between Mbappe and PSG. But they can return to the negotiating table. A positive solution cannot be guaranteed, but talks between Mbappe and PSG have begun. The situation was bleak after the start of the season. “This can change,” he said. PSG decided to listen to Mbappe’s demands. Mbappe wanted to let go of Neymar and start the new season with a completely young team. When Al Hilal approached Paris Saint-Germain with a transfer fee of 300 billion won, he happily accepted and said goodbye. Afterwards, they brought in Ousmane Dembele, a close friend of the French national team, to reorganize the team at the last minute, and decided to place Mbappe in the first team.

Mbappe also said he would focus on PSG, and the conflict was resolved for now. Afterwards, he integrated himself into the PSG plan in earnest and played a big role. He also had good chemistry with Lee Kang-in, a freshman this summer. So far this season, he has shown his athleticism as ever, recording 25 goals and 3 assists in 24 games, including cup competitions. As the winter transfer market opened, rumors of a Mbappe transfer emerged again. Global sports media ‘The Athletic’ announced, “Real Madrid has set a transfer deadline for Mbappe. If you want to join Real Madrid, you must respond in the January transfer window (before mid-January) next year.”