Inspecting Hokkaido sports facilities “Various exchanges will help expand living and professional sports infrastructure.”

Ulsan City and Japan’s Abashiri City discuss exchange and cooperation

Ulsan City’s overseas delegation led by Ulsan Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom visited Abashiri, Japan on the 28th and held a meeting to discuss ways to exchange and cooperate in the fields of culture, sports, and industry between the two cities.After the meeting, Mayor Kim (right) is delivering a gift to Abashiri Mayor Yoichi Mizutani.

Ulsan City’s foreign delegation led by Ulsan Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom visited Abashiri City, Japan on the 29th and 29th to strengthen cooperation and inspect local sports facilities.

On the 29th, the overseas delegation inspected the ‘Tentorando Park Golf Course’ built on a mountain slope, the ‘Sports Training Field’, which is used for multiple purposes such as a baseball field, futsal field, and tennis court, and a comprehensive gymnasium with a track and field stadium.

In particular, Hokkaido, where Abashiri City is located, is known as the birthplace of park golf, and international competitions are held every year in the Makubetsu area.

Ulsan City, which is promoting the creation of a park golf course, focused on inspecting the current status of the golf course and operational know-how.

The day before, we paid a courtesy visit to Abashiri Mayor Yoichi Mizutani and Abashiri City Council Chairman Takayuki Hiraga, who had established relationships through the Whale Festival, and discussed ways to promote cultural and sports exchanges.

Abashiri City is a representative whaling city in Japan, bordering the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

As a point of contact as a whale city, it has been maintaining a friendly and cooperative city relationship with Nam-gu, Ulsan since 2012.

As the last part of its schedule, the delegation will move to Sapporo on the 30th and visit the ‘Escon Field Dome Baseball Stadium’ to inspect the complex space where sports and culture come together.

Escon Field Baseball Stadium in Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido is a state-of-the-art dome stadium with a 30,000-seat capacity that was completed in March of this year.

Centered around the baseball stadium, it is equipped with a variety of cultural, tourist, and convenience facilities, including restaurants, shopping malls, hot springs, and glamping.

Ulsan Mayor Kim Doo-gyeom said, “Through this visit, we hope to revitalize exchanges with Japan in various fields, including the field of sports.” “It is,” he said. 19가이드03