Representative of Ildo Taekwondo, “Improve health by educating character rather than aiming for medals.”
Over 1,000 students enrolled at 3 schools “Even people in their 60s and 70s will learn and strive for globalization.”

Representative Kim Jong-yoon presented a breaking demonstration.

Kim Jong-yoon, representative of Singapore Ildo Taekwondo, is demonstrating Taekwondo breaking at the ‘2015 Korea Cup’ held at the Singapore Polo Club.

“Rather than nurturing fighting skills or athletes who win Olympic medals, we are teaching Taekwondo with an emphasis on increasing the number of people who improve their physical and mental health through character development.”

Kim Jong-yoon, CEO of ‘Ildo Taekwondo’, which has about 1,000 students in Singapore, said in an interview jointly conducted by Yonhap News and on the 29th, “K-culture is spreading around the world ahead of K-pop, K-drama, and K-food. He said, “Taekwondo is what I learned,” adding, “Before teaching Poomsae, I first teach the spirit of courtesy, patience, and self-denial.”

His goal is to establish 100 Taekwondo gyms in Singapore and Vietnam, and after studying abroad in Japan, he earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Sungkyunkwan University.He later moved to Singapore in 2004 where he tried to spread Taekwondo.

CEO Kim, who also served as the manager of the Singapore national team demonstration team, currently runs studios in three locations: Bukit Timah, West Coast, and Bedok.

Among the students he taught, Ms. Rins, a 79-year-old local grandmother, was unable to walk due to physical discomfort, but thanks to Taekwondo, she was able to walk and regained her health to the point where she could use Poomsae accurately, making her a hot topic.

We interviewed CEO Kim, who is more passionate about spreading the culture and spirit of Taekwondo than about Taekwondo techniques.

The following is a Q&A.
— Why did you choose to teach Taekwondo as a career?

▲ I first learned Taekwondo when I was 5 years old, and the name of the gym I attended at the time was ‘Ildo Taekwondo’, so I now run a Taekwondo gym in Singapore under that name.While he was studying abroad in Japan, he taught Taekwondo to children, and while working as a Sunday school teacher at church, he came to know the value and joy that education gives, which led him to pursue a career as a leader.

— Why is Taekwondo taught in Singapore and how is it popular?

▲ As a 5th Dan Taekwondo instructor, I wanted to properly promote the value of Taekwondo, our national sport, so I opened a local gym.

I thought about how to promote Taekwondo, a gift that Korea gave to the world, to Singapore, and I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children by focusing on character education that is not taught in schools.

Singapore, an international trade, finance, and logistics country, is home to a variety of people from all over the world.Basically, I pay a lot of attention to my children’s education.Although the level of education is high, education on filial piety, character, and self-esteem is lacking, and it was judged that Taekwondo could complement this.

Currently, the Taekwondo population in Singapore is approximately 30,000.Compared to the 30,000 Koreans, it is very popular.There are many Taekwondo studios, but local governments such as district offices and neighborhood offices also hold Taekwondo classes. 카지노사이트존