“I realized how to be flexible without pressure.”Ulsan striker Lee Min-kyu, 33, a two-time South Korean top scorer (Jeju in 2021 and Ulsan in 2023), has revealed his “transcendental mindset” after being selected for the national soccer team from an unlikely source.In the final match of the 38th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 Final A against Jeonbuk Hyundai at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan on March 3, Jeon started and was replaced by Martin Adam in the 20th minute without an offensive point.Despite not finding the back of the net in the final match, Injongyu finished the season as the top scorer with 17 goals, tying Thiago for the title with 17 goals, but with less playing time.As a result, it was two years since he first won the title in 2021, when he scored 22 goals in a Jeju uniform.Notably, Lee became the fifth player in the history of the K League to win the title more than once.

Previously, only four players – Yoon Sang-chul (1990-1994), Lee Ki-geun (1988-1991), Kim Do-hoon (2000-2003), and Dejan (2011-2012-2013) – had won the title more than once.In addition, In Jong-kyu became the first Korean goalie in 20 years and only the fourth in history to win the title twice.”It’s a great day for me to beat rival Jeonbuk in the final match of the regular season and celebrate the championship ceremony,” he said with a smile in the post-match press conference.In 2019, In-Jong-gyu left Eland for Ulsan, but after scoring just five goals in 28 matches, he moved to Jeju in 2020.In 2021, he won his first individual top scorer title with Jeju with 22 goals, and last year he shared the title with Cho Kyu-sung (Meatwillan) with 17 goals, but he missed out on the top scorer title for the second year in a row due to his high playing time.This year, after moving to Ulsan, the situation was reversed, and he won the top scorer’s title for the second time in his career.He said he knew he was going to be the top scorer, especially after watching Thiago’s game the day before.

When asked if he watched Thiago’s game, he said, “Of course I did. Yesterday was my mother’s birthday, so I had lunch with my parents, so I didn’t see the first half of the game, but after I went to the restroom, my parents’ faces were stiff, so I thought, ‘Something’s wrong,'” he said. “After the game, I knew that I was the top scorer, so I prepared for today’s game with peace of mind.””Four years ago, Ulsan also wanted to win the championship, but it didn’t happen, and I was transferred to Jeju,” he said. “When I came back to Ulsan, I had the desire to lift the trophy. I’m glad I did.”When asked what it means to be the top scorer as a striker, he said, “It’s a feeling of being recognized as a striker. There is a big difference between being a top scorer and not. I worked tirelessly to become a top scorer,” he said, emphasizing that it is a reward that allows him to grow to the next level.”I worked hard last year because there was no goal scorer among domestic players for two 카지노사이트 consecutive years,” he said, adding, “It’s been 20 years since coach Kim Do-hoon.