Choi Jeong (27), a 9-dan, won her third career title in the Wu Cheng Wenba.Choi defeated Japan’s Rina Fujisawa (25) in 158 moves in the second game of the third day of the final round of the 6th World Women’s Go Championship at the Wuchengyuan Hall in Fuzhou, China.With this victory, Choi won the overall title 2-0.Unlike the first game, which Choi swept, the second game was tense until the midway point, but when Fujisawa made a mistake in the battle of the left and right ears, Choi retaliated with precision.Choi, who is considered the strongest female knight in the world, won her third podium in the Ocheongwonbae after winning the second and fourth editions.South Korea continued its dominance at the Ocheongwonbae, winning five of the six tournaments, including victories by Kim Chae-young 8 dan in the first tournament and Oh Yoo-jin 9 dan in the fifth tournament.After her victory, Choi said, “I’m really happy to finish the last world tournament of the year with a victory,” adding, “I think I will spend the rest of the year preparing for the finals of the domestic tournament (Women’s Kisung and Women’s Noodle). My goal for next year is to take good care of my health and enjoy playing go.”The prize money for the Wu Cheng Wenbai is 500,000 yuan (about $90,000), and the runner-up prize is 200,000 yuan (about $36,000).The time limit is 카지노사이트킹 two hours and five one-minute readings.