One man stands between first and second base in so-called “nongun fashion,” with stockings down to his knees and a glove.

This is Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop, a novice manager who accompanies his players during off-season training.

[Lee Seung-yeop/Doosan manager: “Actually, I’ve been struggling since April, but it’s good to win baseball after all.”]

The first four months of the national hitter’s managerial career were not easy.

He didn’t shy away from harsh protests, gave instructions with a serious expression, and occasionally responded to heart gestures.

Despite his busy schedule, the most he said to the players was this!

[Coach Lee Seung-yeop/Dusan: “If the team’s batting wasn’t good, I’d say, ‘Hit it today.’ If you can’t hit it today, ‘Let’s hit it tomorrow!'”]

This ‘positive leadership’ revived the cohesion of the batting lineup centered on Yang Seok-hwan and Yang Ji, and led to a nine-game winning streak in July.

The first half report card is 3rd place, but what about the managerial report card that Lee Seung-yup gives himself?

[Coach Lee Seung-yup/Dusan: “In terms of points, can I give myself 50 points? 먹튀검증토토사이트 There are some games that I lost due to my mistakes, so I’m reflecting on them, and I’ll make up the remaining 50 points in the second half.”]

Coach Lee Seung-yeop, who is looking to extend his team’s winning streak to 10 games, tied for the most in July after Doosan, starting with the second half of the season against KIA.

[“(How is the manager?) Great. (Players vs. manager?) I like the players. (Doosan’s strength?) Strong teamwork. (This season’s goal?) Korean Series!”]