I can give you some advice on how to play progressive slots that can increase your win rate, so let’s start with the good news. The bad news is that I am unable to explain how to win a progressive jackpot.

I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this if I understood how to win. I would be in my mansion on the beach, counting my millions. And if I knew how to win, you can bet that a lot of people would too, maybe including you. Possibly, we’d live close by?

Let’s look at some strategies to gain a little more out of playing progressive slots after that sobering reality check.

What are progressive slots

Because the jackpot value in these games is not fixed but instead increases with each wager made until it is won, they are known as progressive slots. Progressive jackpots can automatically payout if they reach a set level in some cases, but the majority are uncapped and can theoretically increase in size until a winner is found.

Only the enormous jackpots distinguish progressive jackpot slots from all other types of slots. While some slots are specifically designed to be progressives, others are simply modified versions of already-existing games that are linked to a jackpot network.

Progressive slots meaning:

a slot machine at a casino that offers a progressive jackpot, or a cash payout that increases each time a real money wager is made but the jackpot is not won. Each stake contributes a small portion to the jackpot, which is typically shown to players in real time as it grows. When the jackpot is won, it is reset to a seed, which is a predetermined minimum amount.

However, gaming companies and casinos sought to give greater prizes without investing their own money. A clever game designer realized that larger prize amounts would result from allowing players to contribute to the jackpots through a process known as stake contribution. These would draw additional players, and those players would fund increasing prizes, and so on.

In essence, this innovation amounts to a lottery-style scenario in which millions of participants each donate a small amount to make one of you a millionaire.

The payouts for IGT’s progressive MegaJackpots are some of the largest in the UK because of the enormous popularity of games like Cleopatra.

How do progressive jackpot slots work?

Progressive jackpot slot machine variants are quite easy to use. Each player’s wager contributes a portion to a designated fund that is predetermined by the machine’s mechanisms. It usually amounts to 1–5% of the wager. And this is true even if several casinos offer the same slot machine. It is extremely usual to see such a concept as a “counter” when referring to the amount generated. Operators design a visually appealing banner that shows the jackpot amount online in order to draw attention.

Let’s examine the jackpot’s progression in the most popular Mega Moolah slot game from Microgaming. On all continents, this slot has long been the most played one. This is as a result of the initial jackpot value being among the highest in the sector. One of the major operators is vying for this space in their library because it promotes their business well. As a result, this game is played at the same time every day by dozens or even hundreds of players at different online casinos. Each of their bets from various venues automatically contributes a portion to a specially created account. The fund is accumulated in this manner. The prize pool grows when bets are subtracted more frequently. This explains why Mega Moolah winners have received the highest payments in history. Playing the highly sought-after machines does have a drawback, too, in that the more people who try to win the huge prize, the less likely it is that you will be the winner.

Tips for playing progressive slots

If you want to win the biggest jackpot, it’s generally wise to place the maximum stake. You won’t succeed in the big time if you are on the frugal side.

It doesn’t matter when we play slots if we assume that they are random and that the jackpot could hit at any time. But because we are all so capricious, we tend to believe that if the jackpot is bigger, it will hit quickly. Additionally, if someone recently struck it and the sum is low, it won’t hit for a long.

Naturally, that reasoning is incorrect. But it makes sense to stay away from progressive slots where the jackpot is currently little. The odds of you winning the jackpot are so slim that if you’re going to spend money attempting to win it, you might as well do it for a prize that could change your life.

Game selection is a further suggestion. Compared to offerings, some progressive slot machines appear to have a greater jackpot history. The truth is, more people play them, thus that’s why! But if I had to pick only one slot to play, it would be Mega Moolah because it has made many people rich.

A standalone progressive slot machine, if you can find one, has a smaller prize but is played more frequently. It won’t make a difference in your life, but it will allow you to have a wonderful meal.


Progressive jackpots have evolved since their creation many years ago. Jackpots that were once funded by a single game have expanded into jackpots supported by a vast international network of casinos. The jackpots increase in size AND are won more frequently as more players join.

Here is the Jackpot King feature from Blueprint Gaming, which displays the three networked progressive jackpots and the regulations.

Here are some of the progressive jackpots you’ll find at PlayOJO:

⇒Game jackpot: While games like Ozwin’s Jackpots still receive funding from players at various online casinos, they have their own progressive prize.

⇒Network jackpot: Game developers now include a system for network-wide jackpots to their most well-liked games, allowing players to select from more than 30 different slots while still having a chance to win the same reward.

⇒Tiered jackpots: These days, many progressive slots offer up to four separate jackpots, ranging from little pots for hundreds of pounds that are won every few minutes to mega rewards worth hundreds of thousands of pounds that are won every few weeks. This increases your chances of winning while maintaining the possibility of the highest win, making jackpot bonus games more engaging.

⇒Timed jackpots: Timed jackpots: With their Daily Jackpots, which include small and medium progressive pots that are ensured to pay out by a specific time of day, Red Tiger invented the online timed progressive.


Thankfully, if you already know how to play online slots, you already possess the abilities necessary to also win a progressive jackpot. Simply choose your stake, spin, and go because it’s all luck!

However, how does the game decide when to pay out? Let’s examine the specifics of how these unique slots distribute their largest payouts.

Since the 1980s, progressive slots have been a thing. The jackpot win is regulated randomly in a similar manner to how the other slot rewards are controlled because it is just another line in the math model that drives the machine.

The mathematic design of the slot machine includes a win condition for the jackpot. It can be a predetermined probability event (such as one in every 6.43 million spins), a randomly chosen time, the sum of all bets placed on all slots, or the quantity of the jackpot.

The jackpot event’s design is chosen by the slot machine provider, and the rest is handled by the random number generator included inside the game’s software. The slot’s program determines when a jackpot is won in this manner. But each game has a different take on what happens on screen.

In the early days of progressive jackpots, unique symbol combinations on a payline were required. Progressive jackpot slots from the twenty-first century typically start with a bonus round. You might not even be guaranteed one of the tiered jackpots, let alone the largest reward.

You must roll three jackpot symbols during a basic game spin in Red Tiger’s Daily Jackpot games like Dynamite Riches. The hourly, daily, and mega progressive jackpots that you can see above are all included on the jackpot wheel that you can spin next.

If you hit five jackpot symbols on the primary payline, you win on IGT’s MegaJackpot slot machine. Jackpot King by Blueprint Gaming is a unique creature.

You must first activate the Jackpot King Deluxe bonus feature to access the jackpot bonus game, and then you must spin 15 or more Kings to do so. If you get the right amount of Wheel King symbols, you can proceed directly to the Wheel King.

A life-changing victory isn’t assured even once you’ve entered the Wheel King, as you can instead win a cash multiplier instead of one of the three jackpots.

Where to play progressive slots

Nearly every online casino has progressive slots, which are typically located on the “Jackpots” tab or page. The most well-known progressive slots are always available at casinos that feature Microgaming, NetEnt, or Betsoft games.

Progressives with jackpots that can reach millions of dollars include Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, King Cashalot, and The Dark Knight.