A dictionary of poker terminology used in the card game of poker is provided below. It adds to the dictionary of terminology used in card games. There are thousands of more common and rare poker slang phrases in addition to those that are included here. This is not meant to be a formal dictionary; specific usage information and other closely related senses have been left out in favor of a brief discussion of the fundamentals.

(1) When it is one’s turn to move in a hand.
(2) To wager or ante up.

(3) Applied to a game when a lot of betting and rising occurs.

All players must place a little wager before a hand is dealt. Similar to a blind, an ante requires everyone to deposit money before a hand even starts. An ante immediately gives the pot value.

All in
A wager in which all of a player’s chips are added to the pot.

the act of making a hand on the turn and river in community poker. Likewise known as “grabbing a runner.”

Poor Beat
a poker phrase for unlucky beats.

It is a forced wager, much like an ante, and it serves as the minimal requirement to play in a hand. The difference between a “small” and a “large blind” is the amount of the ante.

to toss the top card, face down, from the deck.

To call is to wager an amount into the pot equal to the most recent bet or raise. The word “see” is seen as informal (as in “I’ll see that bet”).

Telephone Station
a weak, passive player who frequently calls but rarely raises or folds. You want players in your game who are like this.

to make the final raise that can be made during a betting session. Usually, the third or fourth rise is this one. In California, dealers frequently use the words “Capitola” or “Cappuccino.”

the last card in the deck of a particular rank. The flop was J-8-3; I held pocket jacks and he held pocket eights. The case eight then fell on the river, defeating my full house.

Middle Pot
Unlike one or more “side” pots that may be generated if one or more players go all-in, the first pot made during a poker hand. Likewise, “primary pot.”

1) Check To check out of the betting round with the possibility to call or raise later. equivalent to placing a $100 wager. (2) A other term for a chip, such as a poker chip.

to check when a player behind you bets, and then raise. You could occasionally hear someone claim that this isn’t a fair or moral game of poker. Piffle. The check-raising maneuver is a crucial one in poker and is allowed in almost all casinos. In low-limit Hold’em, where you need extra power to focus the field if you have the best hand, it is especially helpful.

Phone call
to place many bet calls in a single move. Take the first player to act after the huge blind, for instance. Any player who makes a move after that must declare two bets “cold.” As opposed to calling a single bet and then calling a later raise, this is distinct.

Get in Hand
a hand drawing (probably from the craps term).

Neighborhood Cards
Cards that, in games like Hold’em and Omaha, are dealt face-up in the center of the poker table and shared by all players. These are sometimes known as “the board” or board cards.

Totally Hand
A straight, flush, full house, or straight flush is a five-card poker hand.

Connector \sA Starting hand in hold’em where the two cards are separated by one in rank. Example(s): KQ, 76.

to reduce the value of your hand due to duplicating board cards. For instance, if the flop is 9-T-J and you have 87, you have a straight. On the turn now, an 8 appears. Your hand has been counterfeited and is now almost useless.

to defeat a hand, usually a strong hand. The phrase “third time tonight I’ve had pocket aces cracked” is used most frequently in reference to pocket aces.

to “damage the deck,” as in indicating that, given the current board, you own the majority or all of the cards that someone would desire. You have crippled the deck if you hold pocket kings and the other two kings flop.

a rival who performs poorly and appears to be wasting his money. The modern term for a pigeon, sucker, or fish is this.

Two Belly Busters
There are two inside straight draws in this hand. For instance, 79TJK can be made into a straight by adding an 8 or a queen. The double belly buster is significantly more deceiving than the open ended straight draw, which has the same number of outs (8 winning cards) as this draw.

Getting Deadly
a draw in which you will lose whatever of the cards you are dealt. As an illustration, you hold the King and four spades, while your opponent has four spades and the Ace of spades, along with two Aces. To make a King high flush, you’re hoping to draw a spade on the river. If the spade is dealt, you will lose to an Ace high flush and you are unable to win because your opponent already has a pair of aces. You are allegedly drawing the dead.

An early start
view position

efficient nuts
a hand powerful enough to be played as the nut hand even when it is not the genuine nut hand.

dependable stack
In a heads-up pot, the effective stack—the smaller of the two players’ stack sizes—determines the most either player can lose.

Eight or higher
a frequent qualifier in games with high-low splits and the ace-5 ranking. Only hands with an eight or below as the top card are eligible to take home the low stakes prize.

The sum of the pot’s value times the player’s chance of winning represents their mathematical expected value from the current deal. If a split is feasible, the equity also takes into account the likelihood of winning a split times its size.

Expectation, anticipated worth, and EV
See expected value in the main article. used in poker to refer to long-term financial success.

uncovered card
a card whose face has been unintentionally or on purpose shown during game play to players who are not typically permitted to know that information. Different games have various rules about how to deal with this abnormality. In contrast to a boxed card.

the initial three community cards distributed after the opening round of betting.

a five-card poker hand with the same suit as the first card.

to lose all of your current bets by folding your cards face down on the table and giving up. Only fold if you believe your hand is too feeble to stand a chance against the others.

Four in a Row
a hand in which there are four identical cards.

Whole House
a pair (different) and a three of a kind make up this hand.

Shotgun Straight
when a player’s pocket cards are the middle two cards of a straight. additionally known as a “inside straight draw.”

As in “the flop hit me,” which denotes that the flop has cards that are favorable to your hand. If the flop is K-7-2 and you have AK, you are hit.

Slot Cards
The first two player cards in Hold’em and the first four player cards in Omaha are the most common examples of cards dealt face-down to a player.

the organization in charge of the game. “The $2 you placed on the button goes to the house,” for instance.

Supposed Odds
The ratio between the entire amount you anticipate winning if your hand is completed and the amount you would need to call to proceed is known as the pot odds extension. Unlike implied odds, which need some guesswork and an understanding of your opponents’ habits, pot odds may be calculated precisely.

Throughout Straight Draw
view gut shot

To isolate him, make a raise with the purpose of getting others to fold so you can play heads up with only one person.

a unique bonus given to the loser of a hand if he beats a hand that is particularly strong. The “loser” in Hold’em normally needs to beat the hand with aces full or better. Jackpots have reached over $50,000 in several of the major card clubs in southern California. Money taken out of the game as part of the rake is used to fund the jackpot.

Unpaired card used to decide which of two almost equal hands is superior. Consider the scenario where you hold AK and your opponent holds AQ. You both have a pair of aces if the flop contains an ace, but you also have a king kicker. In Hold’em, kickers can be quite critical.

Blindly live
a pre-deal forced wager that is made by one or more players. When a player is marked as “live,” it indicates they will still be able to raise when the action shifts back to them.

all of a hand’s discards in cards. A player “throws his hand into the muck” if he folds.

The best hand is nuts, according to the board. It’s common to refer to an unbeatable hand as “the Brazils” or “a lock.”

No Suit
holding a variety of suits of pocket cards.

a variation of hold’em in which each player is dealt four hole cards, and they must create a hand by matching exactly two of them with three of the five board cards.

Closed Hands
a group of games wherein a portion of each player’s hand is displayed.

Over Pair
A pair in the hole in hold’em that is greater than any community card on the board is known as a “over pair.”

Wide Open
One of two potential cards could complete a straight that was incomplete from the outside. For instance, if you have the pocket cards 5-6 and the flop reveals 4-7-King, your open-ended straight would be completed by either a 3 or an 8 on the turn or river. A “gutshot” is twice as likely to connect than an open-ended straight.

once the dealer for a hand has been assigned to each player at a table. The button completes a circle around you every time it passes.

a card that will help your hand get better. You need one of the two remaining kings, or your two “outs,” to defeat your opponent if all the money is in the middle, you flip over a pair of kings, and your opponent has a pair of aces.

Extra Cards
possesing cards higher than the cards on the board or the cards in your opponent’s pocket. For instance, the two remaining players would reveal their cards if it was heads up and someone went all-in. The ace and king are referred to as “over-cards” in the case of a pair of sevens versus an ace-king.

Portable Rockets
In hold’em, you have two Aces in your hand.

Drug Odds
the proportion of the pot’s total value to the sum needed to call the current wager. The pot is giving you 5-to-1 odds if it has $100 and it will cost you $20 to call.

Four of a Kind Quads

A useless card is referred to as rags. In hold’em, rags are typically little board cards.

three or four different-suite board cards. A flop is referred to as rainbow if it has three different suits in it. A flush will not be achievable if a card from the fourth suit is the turn.

The final community board card dealt in hold’em is the fifth one.

a combination hand formed with the turn and river cards. Runner-runner refers to two running cards. You have gone runner-runner if you have a three flush on the flop and the turn and river are both the same suit, giving you a flush.

slow-playing your hand early on in order to gain an advantage later in the hand by concealing its strength. It’s a dishonest strategy to boost revenue.

Having one of the same rank hit the board while holding a pocket pair results in the creation of a set.

Chain Bet
When a player puts out chips to call but then reaches back into his stack to retrieve more chips for a raise without verbally announcing his intention to do so, this is an unlawful move.

On tilt is a term used to describe a player who has lost control and is playing too loosely and aggressively in an effort to win a pot. This is typically the result of the victim becoming frustrated by a string of bad beats.

Trips, which are different from sets, happen when there are two cards of the same rank on the board and you have another of the same rank in your hand. The difference between it and a set is that when two of them are on the board, two persons can have the same trips while only one person can hold the three cards that make up a set.

Between the flip and the river, the fourth community board card was dealt.

In the Dark
Under the gun is a term used to describe the first player to the button’s left who has to take the initiative.

Ace-2-3-4-5 is the shortest straight imaginable. It is also known as a bike or a wheel for a bicycle.

Poker Terminology Update
Do you comprehend what that poker player was saying to his companion at the beginning of this lesson now that you’ve read through the glossary containing a variety of poker definitions? Let us translate his statement in case you missed anything. The original remark will be read again with the special poker words and phrases in bold, and the translation will follow.

I held pocket rockets when the flip came and I was dealt Ace, two rags, and a rainbow, giving me the top set. Is it really true that that jackass Harry runs around and breaks my set with a 23-to-1 shot flush draw? He’s such a calling station, therefore it’s just like him.