Actor Wi Ha-joon plays the role of Lee Jun-ho in the tvN romance series “The Midnight Romance in Hagwon.' Courtesy of tvN

“After working on the series ‘The Worst of Evil,’ fans wanted me to see myself in a melodrama, and I’ve been thinking that too because I’ve done a lot of strong genre works. Just then, I was offered this series. And it wasn’t just a simple love story, but was also about evolving from work and love, and delivers messages about public and private education,” Wi said during an interview with The Korea Times, held at a cafe in Gangnam District, Seoul, Friday.

“Acting and filmography wise, I felt it would be a work that would have meaning, so I decided to take it on.”

The romance series, which wrapped with its highest viewership rating of 6.6 percent last Sunday, revolves around a star Korean language instructor, 카지노 Seo Hye-jin (Jung Ryeo-won), and her former student and fellow instructor Lee Joon-ho (Wi). Seo made her name in the cutthroat private education world in Gangnam’s Daechi neighborhood after sending Lee to a prestigious college.

When the two reunite as co-workers, the two bring changes to their lives, navigating the love and meaning of good teaching for their students.