The strongman and Son Joon-hyuk, who are participating in the Porto 3 Cushion World Cup, failed to pass the third qualifying round (PQ). Cudron and Wimaz advanced to the final qualifying round without difficulty. After returning to the World Carom Federation (UMB) from the Professional Tennis Association (PBA), Wimaz advanced to the final qualifying round for the third time in a competition.

In the third qualifying round of the Porto 3 Cushion World Cup in Portugal, which ended early on the 10th (Korea time), Kang In finished second in the group and Son Jun-hyuk finished third in the group.

In Group G, the strongman (Chungnam Sports Council) beat Manuel Oliveira Santos (Portugal) 35:22 after a long-term match, but drew 35:35 in the second game against Atsushi Kiyota (Japan). In this group, the strongman and Kiyota scored three points, one win and one draw, but the strongman fell behind to second place in the group in the Abidge car (Kiyota 1.029-strongman 0.972).

Son Joon-hyuk (Bucheon Sports Council) was eliminated as the third-ranked team in Group C after losing 22:35 (23 innings) to Birol Wimaz (Turkiye) and 11:35 (18 innings) to Tom Lowe (Denmark). In the group, Wimazu ranked first in Group 4.

Frederick Kudlong of Belgium defeated Lucas Stam of Denmark in Group P at 35:13 (19 innings) and Costantinos Kokoris of Greece at 35:24 (23 innings) to advance to the final qualifying round.

Seo Chang-hoon and Hwang Bong-ju (Siheung Sports Council) will participate in the final qualifying round, which will start on the 10th, and strong players such as Jeremy Burry (France), Nikos Polychronopoulos (Greece), 안전토토사이트 Tolgahan Kiraz (Turkiye), Thai Hong-Chiem (Vietnam), Peter Klumang (Belgium), Omer Karakurt (Turkiye), Ruben Legazpi (Spain), Roland Potom (Belgium), Glenn Hoffman (The Netherlands), Wing Trantantu (Vietnam) and Trantanluck (Vietnam) will participate.