Gimcheon Commerce has maintained a positive mood during the ‘rookie replacement period’.

The Gimcheon Commerce, led by head coach Jung Jung-yong, came from behind to win 3-2 against Gangwon FC in the ‘Hana Bank K League 1 2024’ away match at Gangneung Sports Complex on Feb. 22.

Gimcheon is going through a ‘transitional period’. On July 15, the seventh group of players who led the team’s rise in the first half will be discharged from the military. Most of the 7th team took a vacation according to their personal schedules. There were less than 20 players left in the unit, 온라인카지노 including Kim Jun-hong and other members of the seventh group.

Chung made a decision. He pulled out his ‘recruit card’ earlier than expected. The 20, including Lee Dong-kyung, Lee Dong-joon, and Won Ki-jong, entered Nonsan Training Center on April 29 and underwent five weeks of basic military training. On April 5, they were assigned to their battalion and joined the team. Initially, Chung was cautious about inducting the new recruits, saying, “We need to see their physical condition first.” However, due to the tight schedule and the heat wave, rotation became a necessity rather than an option. Chung used ‘rookie’ Kim Seung-seop in the match against Gwangju FC on the 15th. For the ‘2024 Hana Bank Korea Cup‘ against Incheon United on the 19th, he used five rookies in the starting lineup, including Lee Dong-kyung, Won Ki-jong, Kim Seung-seop, Oh In-pyo, and Park Chan-yong, and six rookies on the substitutes’ bench. It was a heavy rainfall.

Their fears were realized. Not only were the players out of shape, but their coordination wasn’t perfect. Gimcheon lost to Gwangju 0-2 on penalties. They ended their Korea Cup challenge after a penalty shootout.

Gimcheon also looked shaky against Gangwon. They conceded an early goal to Kim Dae-woo in the first minute of the kickoff. They equalized in the 23rd minute through Min Min-woo, but conceded another goal in the 35th minute to Kangwon’s Cho Jin-hyuk. Gimcheon was shaken, but not broken. Mo Jae-hyun scored in the 39th minute and Yoo Kang-hyun in first-half stoppage time to turn the game around. After taking the lead, Gimcheon stayed focused. They secured a thrilling 3-2 victory.

After the game, Jung praised his players for their “sense of responsibility.” He said, “Right now, we only have Yoo Kang-hyun who can play up front. We have a new recruit, but he’s not in perfect shape. Yoo Kang-hyun was also not in good shape, but he took responsibility. Kim Dae-won and Min-seok-woo came to the military after playing for Gangwon. It must have been difficult for them to play against their original team. But they are players, so they took responsibility for their positions and worked hard. We still have some shortcomings, but we will get better,” said Kim.

Gimcheon will face Daejeon Hana Citizens at home on the 25th. On that day, Gimcheon will wear a “special uniform” in honor of the Korean War heroes. Lee said, “As a soldier and a Korean citizen, I would like to thank the heroes who risked their lives to protect our country. Like the words engraved on the uniform, I will forever honor their dedication in my heart.”