While playing games from unknown studios doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a bad experience, you are more than likely to have a much better time by spending time with reputable and trustworthy providers. If you encounter a casino offering only games from lesser-known and obscure software providers, you should keep your money private.

Like gambling platforms, software developers are also issued various licenses from the same regulatory bodies we’ve discussed. These bodies look at everything the developer produces and ensure that all the games they develop are player-friendly and fair.

  • Avoid Frauds With Reviews

If taking all the steps above to avoid scams still leaves you unsure about specific platforms, we highly recommend you use the internet to your advantage by reading user and outlet reviews. Luckily, there are thousands of websites dedicated to reviewing all the online casinos.

Reading the player testimonials can help you find which gambling environments will treat you fairly the most. Punters won’t be incentivized to lie if they’ve had a bad experience with a specific brand. They will write and upload all of their dissatisfaction to various websites.

If you don’t trust the general public, then reading professional reviews might be the best way for you. Apart from customer testimonials, you can read through what veteran gamblers had to say about certain online casinos. These people have a ton of experience in the industry and can tell you which websites will be worth your time and money in the end. In most cases, they are paid to thoroughly research everything, so you can be sure that no stone will be left unturned and that what they say is true.

You can also use these reviews to read up on specific software providers’ games. As the industry is coming out with new casino products daily, it’s good to see what people say about them before depositing the money yourself. Doing this will take you up to a couple of minutes, and it can save you from a lot of trouble in the long run.


These were the most important tips for punters to avoid scams in Canadian online casinos. By following our guide, you are bound to find a gambling platform that will suit your preferences without taking risks. Make sure that you are always spending time in a licensed environment, as that is ultimately the most crucial step for you to take. Scams and fraudulent activity are mainly encountered when players are spending money in a casino that doesn’t have any sort of quality assurance and regulation.

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