South Korean soldiers dismantle stacked loudspeakers in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, in this May 2018 photo. Joint Press Corps

As North Korea has ramped up hostility toward South Korea with a series of provocations, there are increasing calls to resume operating loudspeakers along the inter-Korean border as a countermeasure.

The South Korean military used to operate propaganda loudspeakers as part of its psychological warfare tactics against North Korea. It carried broadcasts on weather, K-pop and news critical of the North Korean regime, leading Pyongyang to express strong opposition due to possible effects they might have on its military and people.

The use of the loudspeakers has been suspended since the inter-Korean summit in April 2018. Under the agreement, the two Koreas agreed to stop all hostile acts, including loudspeaker broadcasting and the scattering of leaflets in areas along the military demarcation line.

However, Pyongyang has failed to honor the agreements by continuing nuclear programs and launching military provocations, as well as sending balloons carrying trash. Kim Yo-jong, the powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, admitted that flying hundreds of balloons across the border was a “government-led” action.

“The United Nations Command announced that the North’s military action of deploying trash-laden balloons constitutes a violation of 안전 the Armistice Agreement and international law, but our military did respond immediately and strongly,” the Korean Veterans Association said in a statement Friday.

“We must respond firmly to crush the North’s willingness for addition provocations.”

Rep. Han Ki-ho, a four-term lawmaker of the ruling People Power Party, also proposed that South Korea resume using loudspeaker broadcasts rather than issuing simple warnings.

“The National Assembly and the government should work together to revise related laws to immediately resume loudspeaker broadcasts against North Korea,” Han said.