Lee Min-woo (26), an Australian Korean who won three times in the DP World Tour (formerly the European Tour), is a rising star player who is loved by golf fans around the world by showing off his individuality both on and off the course. He is also famous as a ‘golf brother and sister’ with his older sister Lee Min-ji (28), who has 10 wins on the LPGA Tour, including the US Women’s Open. Lee Min-woo’s special memes such as “Let’s cook” and “Let him cook” are trending on social media, bringing joy to fans online as well. Lee Min-woo attracted attention by appearing wearing a chef’s hat after winning the Australian PGA Championship last year. Lee Min-woo, who is playing a full season on the PGA Tour for the first time this year, is scheduled to participate in the Masters, which opens on the 11th. He recorded a good result, tying for 14th place in the Masters, where he competed for the first time in 2022. The following are Lee Min-woo’s words.

“I’m really excited to be back at Augusta National for the Masters. The Masters Tournament is a truly special tournament that provides the best service to players. The Masters has its own traditions and culture, only a small number of people are allowed in the locker room, and fans are not allowed to use cell phones on the golf course. Thanks to these traditions and discipline, not only players but also fans seem to be able to focus more on the competition. I think it is a traditional and prestigious competition.

He was able to set a special record at the Masters, which he played for the first time in 2022. I remember setting a record on the last day by hitting 6 under par and 30 strokes in the first 9 holes. I am proud to be able to set this record at the Masters. I hope that I can perform as well in this tournament as I did in my Masters debut, where I finished tied for 14th place. He finished last year’s US Open in a tie for 5th place, marking his first major top 5 finish. Afterwards, he finished tied for 6th place at the Players Championship held at TPC Sawgrass. Looking back, I think I enjoy competing in big competitions. The bigger the competition, the more likely it is to have a different mindset. I want to continue to grow amid competition and trials like this.

If we were to evaluate the early part of the 2024 season, it could be called ‘steady.’ In the first six competitions this season, I was able to complete four rounds without missing the cut. He competed for his first win at the Cognizant Classic and achieved an excellent result, tying for second place. It was fun. The game was delayed due to the weather, so it wasn’t a very favorable situation, but it still remains a pleasant memory. Thanks to my tie for second place at the Cognizant Classic, I was able to participate in the Arnold Palmer Invitational, which was my first signature competition. I finished the competition in a tie for 44th place, and I was happy to be able to participate in a competition that honors a historical figure, as did the Bay Hill Course.

After tying for 54th place at the Players Championship last month, he missed the cut at the Valspar Championship. I think I probably lost a lot of strength after competing in four competitions in a row. I think we can expect a different performance after resting for about two weeks until the Masters this week.

I currently live in Las Vegas and am truly enjoying life in Nevada. I was hoping for a life in Vegas, but the timing was right after I got my tour card last year, so it was all the more meaningful.

Las Vegas is truly fantastic. I try to eat dinner on the Strip often and watch a lot of different shows. Whenever you visit downtown Las Vegas, you will see a smile never leave your face. It’s very different from Australia. Las Vegas is a truly special city. The city lights, casinos, and even people’s outfits are very different from Australia. I currently live 25 minutes away from the Strip by car. Everyone says they enjoy gambling and partying in Las Vegas, but I have yet to experience it myself. It’s so much fun just walking around and looking at the city lights. In this respect, Las Vegas is truly a city that people cannot help but love.

I mainly practice at The Summit Club in Las Vegas. This was the host course for the 2021 CJ Cup. I mainly practice with Colin Morikawa and Kurt Kityama, and I am learning a lot from Colin, who won two major championships, and Kurt, who won his first and first win on the tour last year. We often play 9 holes, compete with each other, and have fun practicing. We spend a lot of time together on the practice field, and I feel fortunate to be able to work with them. As you may know from the article, we have been working with a brand called Lululemon since 2024. My manager, Brandt Hamilton, and I already have a good relationship with Lululemon, and when our previous contract was finalized last year, we decided to work with Lululemon.

I really love not only the golf line of the world-renowned brand Lululemon, but also all of their clothing. I hope that I will be a representative face and help Lululemon expand its golf business in the future. I hope it will have a truly meaningful and positive impact on both sides.

I’m sure you’re looking forward to what kind of clothes you’ll wear to the Masters. I prepared some special outfits that are different from the colors I usually wear, and they are really cool. “I would really appreciate it if you look forward to Lee Min-woo as well at the Masters this week.”

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