Gwangju FC, who succeeded in escaping their 6-game losing streak, is gaining momentum and aiming for a 2-game win in a row against Daejeon

. Gwangju FC will play the 11th round of K-League 1 against Daejeon Hana Citizen at Gwangju Soccer Stadium at 4:30 pm on the 6th. The match between the two teams, who are competing for the rankings with a 1-point difference, is actually considered a 6-point game.

In the last 10 games, Gwangju has an overwhelming advantage with 4 wins, 5 draws, and 1 loss. In particular, since coach Lee Jeong-hyo took office, the team has never lost with 3 wins and 4 draws.

Gwangju finally broke its six-game losing streak by scoring three goals in a midweek away game against Jeju. On the other hand, Daejeon remained at 10 points after drawing goalless with Gimcheon in their midweek home game.

Gwangju has high expectations for Uhm Ji-seong and Byun Jun-su, who returned from the Olympic team. Uhm Seong Um, the leader of the team’s attack, earned a PK in the game against Jeju and scored a goal himself with his dribble penetration into the space behind the defense and mature linkage play. By standing on the left and right wings with Gabriel, his destructive power was further strengthened.

Central defender Byun Jun-su is also allaying defensive anxiety with a stable air superiority and fighting play that does not shy away from physical competition. Veterans Doo Hyun-seok and Lee Hee-gyun each balance offense and defense while leading Gwangju’s unique space penetration and quick passing play.

Jeong Ho-yeon and Choi Gyeong-rok, who are in charge of the waist, also proved their national team-level class with high-level pressure relief that broke through dense defenses. In this way, as the new and old are harmonized within the team, the power level is gradually leveled upward.

Daejeon is on an undefeated streak in the last three games. Although a large number of key players, including Lee Soon-min and Gutek, left the team, they are steadily accumulating points with a salty defense that allowed only one goal in three games.

As a modified three-back using Anton, Kim Hyun-woo, and Lee Jeong-taek was established, defensive organization improved noticeably. The MF line guarded by Lee Jun-gyu, who shows a lot of activity, and veteran Joo Se-jong, is also solid. The match between Gwangju and Daejeon is expected to literally be a battle between spears and shields.

Meanwhile, Gwangju regained stability with the return of captain Ahn Young-gyu and goalkeeper Kim Gyeong-min. In the last game, the two players showed off their health through skillful game management that controlled the pace and pace, and shook off anxiety during the rear build-up process. Asani, the Albanian national team member, is also looking forward to being able to strengthen his attacking options as he approaches his normal condition.

Despite the 3-1 win against Jeju, coach Lee Jeong-hyo expressed regret, saying, “We won because the goalpost helped us,” and is determined to launch a major counterattack in May with a goalless win against Daejeon.

Attention is being paid to whether Gwangju FC, which has gained a lot of momentum with its win against Jeju, can revive the embers of competition for the top rankings with three points from Daejeon.

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