All seven clubs will select new Asian quota players.

KOVO announced on the 2nd that “no club has renewed contracts for Asian quarter players by 6 p.m., the deadline for renewal.” Four people, including Bayarsaihan (OK Financial Group), Eddie (Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance), Liu Hongmin (KB Insurance), and Ryohei (Korea Electric Power Corporation), reapplied for this tryout. Among them, OK Financial Group was concerned about renewing Bayar Saihan’s contract after watching the second day’s practice game, but ultimately decided to select a new player, and all four clubs did not renew the contract.

In the case of the men’s division, the probability of being selected does not change depending on last season’s ranking and everyone has a 1 in 7 probability, so it is right for good players to renew their contracts. However, the reason why the contract was not renewed seems to be because they believed that even if they were ranked 7th, there was a higher probability of selecting another player than the player who was eligible for a renewal.

Bayard Saihan, Eddie, Liu Hongmin, Ryohei, etc. are now waiting for a call from another team in the draft along with the 23 players currently trying out in Jeju.

The draft will be held at Jeju Sun Hotel at 3pm on the 3rd.

Although we had two practice games, there is no clear number one pick yet. He is reluctant to say the ‘one pick’ that each club clearly wants. This is because the list I made after watching the video, the players I saw on the first day, and the players I saw on the second day were all different.

The common opinion was that the players seemed to be in better condition on the second day than on the first day. So, the seven teams decided to hold the third practice game on the morning of the 3rd. In the case of the women’s team, it was said that they were able to clearly judge the players’ skills in just two days, so they canceled the practice game on the third day and started the draft right away, but the men’s team was more careful in selecting the right stones.

Dividing the 27 applicants, including 4 who re-applied, by position, the largest number are outside heaters (14), followed by 6 Apogee Spikers, 4 Middle Blockers, 2 Setters, and 1 Libero.

As middle blocker Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi and outside hitter Amirhasan Farhadi, who seemed likely to be the first choice, did not come, each club had no choice but to revise their strategies. It is expected that there will be a fierce battle until the end.

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