Members of the Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) pose during a tour ofCheyul’s flagship store in Garosugil, Gangnam District, Seoul, Tuesday. Courtesy of CICI

The Corea Image Communication Institute (CICI) showcased the beauty of Korean tradition and craftsmanship through an event at the flagship store of traditional luxury handicraft brand Cheyul in Garosugil, Gangnam District, Tuesday evening.CICI, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing Korea’s international presence, organizes a monthly event called the CQ Forum, with the two letters standing for culture and creativity quotient. This month’s event highlighted Cheyul’s dedication to promoting Korean heritage worldwide.Choi Jung-wha, the founder and president of CICI, stated that the CQ Forum focuses on four themes: something to see, eat, enjoy, and talk about in Korea. She emphasized that Cheyul is the perfect choice to introduce to its members, who consist of distinguished foreigners in Korea.

“I want our members to ‘feel Korea.’ The status of Korea has been significantly elevated thanks to K-culture and the number of international visitors to Korea is ever increasing. I believe it is important to offer high-quality souvenirs that leave visitors with a good memory of Korea. Cheyul is a perfect example as many high-profile foreign guests have received Cheyul products as gifts,” Choi explained her choice of Cheyul for this month’s forum.”The most important thing is to offer something that appeals to others, whether it’s an object or a story that can be appreciated by people from all cultures. Cheyul achieves this by showcasing Korean tradition through modern, 스포츠토토존 high-quality craft products.”