“Korean women’s volleyball is well prepared to withstand the transition period and achieve a generational change in earnest.”

Can women’s volleyball’s battered pride recover? Coach Fernando Morales, the new head coach of the women’s volleyball team, showed hopeful determination.

After the retirement of golden members such as Kim Yeon-kyung from the national team, the women’s volleyball team suffered an unbelievable decline. Last year, the national team accepted a shocking report card of losing all 12 matches of the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) qualifying round, 6th place at the Asian Championships, losing all 7 matches at the Paris Olympics qualifying round, and finishing 5th in the final with ‘no medal’ at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

We had to acknowledge the reality that it was a transitional period for generational change.

Coach Morales, a former Puerto Rican setter who led the Puerto Rico women’s national team for a long time, took on the responsibility of changing the generation of the Korean women’s national team.

Since the women’s volleyball team did not qualify for the Paris Olympics, the only competition the national team will participate in this season is the VNL. The women’s national team began training on April 15th. In the VNL, which opens on May 14, Korea will participate in the preliminary round in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from May 14 to 19, in Arlington, Texas, USA from May 28 to June 2, and in Fukuoka, Japan from June 11 to 16. Schedule a schedule.

The national team confirmed the 16 players to enter the training program on the 4th, but due to injuries, Da-eun Kim (Heungkuk Life Insurance), Yeon-gyeon Kim (Hyundai Engineering & Construction), Jeong-won Moon (Korea Expressway Corporation), and So-young Lee (IBK Industrial Bank of Korea) were selected as Ji-yoon Moon (GS Caltex), and So-young Lee (IBK Industrial Bank of Korea), respectively. Replaced with Kim Chae-won (IBK Industrial Bank), Da-hye Han (Pepper Savings Bank), and Park Soo-yeon (Heungkuk Life Insurance). It’s as if the bad news about injuries occurred even before the start.

Coach Morales, who held his inauguration press conference at the Olympic Parktel in Bangi-dong, Seoul on the 25th, said, “After the Jincheon convocation, I checked the exact physical condition and condition of the players. I decided that some players were not in a physical condition to play, so I decided to play, even if not this summer. “We provided guidance so that they could recover well and join the team next season, and we also held meetings with the newly joined players to motivate them,” he explained.

As the national team continued to slump in international competitions, its world ranking fell to 40th place. Coach Morales, who said, “The goal is to raise the world rankings,” said, “Looking at the quality of our players, I think we can be in a better position. By raising the rankings, I want to create a good atmosphere and create a ‘national team that people want to come to.’” He expressed his determination.

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