“We know each other like the back of our hands”

Tottenham Hotspur’s oldest player, Ben Davies (31), bragged that his son’s godfather is Son Heung-min (32, Tottenham).

Ben Davies, 31, who has been playing for Tottenham for more than a decade, appeared on ESPN’s YouTube channel on Sunday (Feb. 2) to talk to “The Gab&Juls Show” about what it was like to join Spurs, his first impressions of Harry Kane, his experiences as a Premier League runner-up, life in North London, and more.

Davies arrived at Tottenham in 2014 from Swansea City, a year ahead of Son Heung-min, and has been a reliable rotation option between left-back and center-back.

Now Davies is Tottenham’s most senior player. With Eric Dier’s departure to Bayern Munich last month, no player has been at Spurs longer than Davies. He is followed by Son Heung-min, who is entering his 10th year at Spurs. Davies and Son are the only two players to have played under Mauricio Pochettino.

The other players who were part of Tottenham”s glory days have all left the club.

Last summer, Kane left for Bayern Munich, 스포츠토토 and in the winter transfer window, Hugo Lloris, who was captain until last season, left for LA FC in the American Major League Soccer (MLS).

When asked about Son Heung-min, Davies said: “Sonny (Son’s nickname) is one of my best friends. We played together for a long time. He’s also my son’s godfather.”

Son Ralph, it seems. Davis tied the knot with designer Emily Kaplan in 2022. The couple gave birth to a son, Ralph, in June of last year.

In the West, where Christian culture is deeply rooted, parents often ask a trusted acquaintance to be a godfather or godmother to their child. The fact that Davis chose Son Heung-min as his godfather shows the trust between the two.

On the pitch, the two players have a good rapport, sharing the ball on the left flank. When asked to elaborate, Davies said: “Heung-min and I know each other like the back of our hands when we play. It’s really easy,” he said, adding that he can tell just by looking at him.