“Thirty years ago, I couldn’t have imagined that Kim Ha-sung….”

Chan Ho Park, special advisor to the San Diego Padres, gets a kick out of seeing Ha Sung Kim.

It was 30 years ago that he first stepped into the unknown world of Major League Baseball. He became one of the best baseball players in the world, inspiring the entire nation.

And now, the younger Kim is following in his footsteps. Kim became the first Korean major leaguer in history to win a Gold Glove and became a national baseball star. If he finishes this season well, he can expect a ‘free agency bonanza’.

So, this year’s Seoul Series means a lot to him. Everything is about him. San Diego has a leader in Manny Machado and superstars in Fernando Tatis Jr. and Xander Bogaerts. But all they talk about is “Ha Sung Kim.” 카지노사이트 Park wants to make sure that all the spotlight is on Kim, who has become a successful major leaguer and “returned to gold.

Park threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the official opening game of the 2024 season between the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers at the Gocheok SkyDome on Tuesday, and there’s no denying that he was the perfect fit for the occasion.

The ball he threw was caught by Kim.

“When Kim signed his first contract with San Diego, I told him a lot of things before that. I tried to get him to join the team,” Park laughed.

“After he signed with San Diego, I felt responsible for him. I felt like an uncle, a protector. My first season was a little tough, but I grew a lot last season and made history by winning a Gold Glove. He’s growing up, maturing, and becoming stronger inside, and it makes me happy to see that.”

Park had one big surprise during the series. There was a San Diego team dinner. Of course, Park was there. “During the dinner, Kim Ha-seong gave a speech in front of the team. He looked like a leader. I couldn’t even speak at the team meeting 30 years ago. I couldn’t even imitate a leader. couldn’t imagine myself giving a speech like that. But Kim Ha-sung was leading these players. As a senior, I was so happy and proud,” said Kim.

Ace Joe Musgrove, San Diego’s Game 2 starter, said, “Kim helped me so much with the Korean culture. He’s our leader in this series,” Musgrove said, giving a thumbs-up.

Kim didn’t get a hit in Game 2, which took place 21 days later. He was the only player in San Diego’s starting lineup who didn’t get a hit. 메이저 토토사이트 In his last two at-bats, he got too greedy and looked very disappointed after hitting a double. Still, it was a week he’ll never forget. He must have realized how great of a player he had become. And how much more solidified his position on the team.