Minseop Kim sets a new Korean record in the men’s 200m butterfly. Likely to participate in the Olympics
Kim Woo-min, men’s 400m freestyle champion at the Doha World Aquatics Championships

‘Doha World Championships 400m freestyle gold medalist’ Kim Woo-min (Gangwon Provincial Office) became the first Korean swimmer to secure a spot at the Paris Olympics.

Kim Woo-min won the men’s 1,500m freestyle final at the 2024 Paris Olympics Management National Team Selection Competition (KB Finance Korea Swimming Championship) held at the Gimcheon Indoor Swimming Pool in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 22nd with a time of 14 minutes 58.03 seconds.

Kim Woo-min passed the Paris Olympic standard time (OQT) of 15 minutes 00.99 seconds in this event, earning a right to participate in the Paris Olympics. 스포츠 토토사이트

After the game, Kim Woo-min said in an interview with the Korea Swimming Federation, “I got off to a good start on the first day of the national team selection. I will prepare well for the 200m, 400m, and 800m freestyle. The most important thing is to get good results at the Paris Olympics. I will work harder.” He said.

Kim Woo-min won the men’s 400m freestyle at the 2024 Doha World Aquatics Championships last month with a time of 3 minutes 42.71 seconds.

Kim Woo-min, who won three gold medals (400m and 800m freestyle and 800m men’s relay) at last year’s Hangzhou Asian Games, establishing himself as the strongest mid- and long-distance athlete in Asia, took one step further to the status of ‘top athlete’ by winning the World Championships.

In the domestic national team selection competition, you can collect ‘Olympic qualifications’ in more events.

The top two players who pass the OQT in the finals of each event in this competition automatically receive the right to participate in the Olympics.

Kim Woo-min is expected to win multiple tickets to the Paris Olympics.

However, when an official from the Korea Aquatics Federation said, “If you win the Olympic qualification for the 1,500m freestyle, you can also get the right to participate in the open water swimming competition,” he responded, “We are not thinking about participating in the open water swimming competition yet.”

In the management event, you can also ‘select and focus’ to win a medal in the main event, the 400m freestyle, without using up all your qualifications for the Paris Olympics.

Just before the national team selection, Woomin Kim participated in joint training with the swimming team of Sunshine Coast University in Queensland, Australia.

He said, “I trained more intensively in Australia and achieved good results,” and added, “Thank you to everyone who supported me.”

On this day, high school sophomore Kim Jun-woo (Gwangseong High School) beat several seniors with a time of 15 minutes, 22.45 seconds and took second place after Kim Woo-min.

Kim Min-seop (Dokdo Sports Team) changed the Korean record for the men’s 200m butterfly in just one year and four months.

Kim Min-seop recorded a time of 1 minute 55.45 seconds in the men’s 200m butterfly preliminaries this morning.

1 minute 55.45 seconds is a new Korean record, 0.50 seconds faster than 1 minute 55.95 seconds set by Kim Min-seop at the 2023 national team selection event held in November 2022 when he was a high school student.

Also, it was faster than the OQT of 1 minute 55 seconds 78.

The Korea Swimming Federation expected that Kim Min-seop’s chances of winning a spot at the Paris Olympics on his own had increased in the finals to be held on the afternoon of the 23rd.

After the game, Kim Min-seop said, “I only wanted to check the record (in the preliminaries), but my record came out better than expected. After the 150m mark, I saw the coach’s signal, so I increased my speed a little more, and it felt better than I expected. My brothers congratulated me in the locker room. “We greeted each other and encouraged each other to do well together in the finals,” he said happily.

Kim Min-seop, who set the first Korean record in this competition, will receive a prize of 1 million won for the Korean record from the federation and a product from Watson Company. 안전 슬롯사이트