Yosbani and Kim Sang-woo, director of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance

Yosvani Hernández (registered name Yosvani), the top scorer in the 2023-2024 season, showed tremendous firepower on New Year’s Day and saved Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance from a swamp of consecutive losses.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance defeated KB Insurance with a set score of 3-2 (25-19, 18-25, 19-25, 25-23, 15- 11) and broke away from a 3-game losing streak.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (42 points, 16 wins, 12 losses), which added 2 points, pushed out KEPCO (41 points, 14 wins, 13 losses), which had played one less game, and rose to 4th place, raising hopes of advancing to the postseason. 파워볼사이트

On the other hand, KB Insurance (18 points, 4 wins, 23 losses), the lowest ranked team, suffered 5 consecutive losses. They also suffered the humiliation of losing all five games against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance this season.

The key player in Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s victory was definitely Yosbani.

Yosbani maintained a high attack success rate of 61.02% and scored 40 points, the most for both teams combined.

The attack share was a whopping 53.15%. This means that Yosbani was responsible for more than half of the attacks on Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance.

KB Insurance’s pair of Andres Villena (32 points) and Hwang Gyeong-min (17 points) exploded, and middle blocker Woo Sang-jo (10 points) harassed Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance with floater serving (3 points) and blocking (5 points).

However, Yosvani’s firepower was stronger.

Yosvani’s central rear attack

Yosvani scored with a powerful rear attack in the fourth set 22-22, when the team was down 1-2.

KB Insurance responded with Viyena’s back attack and tied the score at 23-23.

Yosbani and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance were lucky in the competition.

Yosbani’s ‘misdirected open attack’ fell inside the corner of the court, giving Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance a 24-23 set point.

Next, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s Kim Jeong-ho defended against Hwang Gyeong-min’s open attack, and Yosbani scored with an open attack, taking the game to the 5th set.

Just before starting the fifth set, Yosvani felt a muscle cramp in her calf.

However, after the set started, the fire started again.

Yosvani expressed his apologies to his teammates after his open attack was blocked by Vijena at 10-10.

Opponent Hwang Gyeong-min’s serve error and Hwang Seung-bin’s over-net error led Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance to a 12-11 lead, and ‘Yosbani Time‘ began again.

Yosbani took revenge by blocking Viena’s open attack.

At 13-11, Viyena’s open attack flew out of the court without touching the hands of the Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance blocker.

On the other hand, Yosvani succeeded in an open attack at 14-11, ending the blood battle. 온라인카지노