Scenes from the first episode of the new period series 'Love Song for Illusion' / Courtesy of KBS
Actor Park Ji-hoon has taken on a dual role in KBS’ new period series “Love Song for Illusion,” as his new project since receiving an accolade with the hit teen series “Weak Hero Class 1” in 2022.The romance period series, based on the popular webcomic of the same name, revolves around a man with a split personality, Hyun, and his alter ego Ak-hee (both played by Park). Despite coming from a royal family, Hyun hides his identity and lives as a fashion designer at a boutique downtown, using his artistic skills. Whereas his other personality, Ak-hee, is an irresistible, charming person who can easily seduce people, yet he suffers extreme pain when he makes physical contact with others.When Yeon-wol (Hong Ye-ji), who is from a prestigious clan that was decimated by Hyun’s father, enters their life, Hyun gets into an unlikely love triangle with his alter ego.The first episode premiered Tuesday, showcasing a fast-paced narrative with dynamic action scenes, starting with Hyun’s traumatic childhood. Hyun is abused by his father as a child and witnesses his father brutally murder Yeon-wol’s family. Years later, Yeon-wol, having grown into an assassin, finally gets a chance to seek vengeance, but loses consciousness in the palace and wakes up after four years to find herself in the unexpected role of the crown prince’s concubine.Park shared that he put considerable thought into creating the two distinct characters, adding he tried to remain unaffected by the success of his previous series.“I was actually quite nervous and had some fears. I researched and contemplated on my own about how to handle this well and how to develop the direction and image of these characters,” he said during a press conference for the series, held in Guro District, Seoul, Dec. 28. “Despite the success of ‘Weak Hero Class 1,’ I didn’t have any fear or worry, as I didn’t let it influence my mindset. I focused on giving my best to this new project.”The series is led by director Lee Jung-sub, who helmed hit series like “Bread, Love and Dreams” (2010) and “My Lawyer, Mr. Jo” (2016), and scripted by Yoon Kyung-ah, who wrote the 2017 series “Girls’ Generation 1979.”The director noted the series was a challenge for the cast members and himself.“Not only did (the actors) take their own role, but they also had to embrace a new concept and portray a different character in each scene. For the actors, each scene was a refreshing challenge and as a director, capturing that on screen was a tremendous task,” he said.Park acknowledged the complexities of his first experience in playing the double role, crediting his co-star Hong for her invaluable support.“Acting dual roles was emotionally and mentally challenging. It was difficult, but on set, I tried not to show that struggle,” he said. “Hong must’ve also had difficulties keeping up with my characters’ pace. But she followed along so well and gave me the energy effectively so I have to do any extra set the same 토토사이트 tone (with her), which I’m very thankful for.”