If you take a Banned Substance and Set a Swimming Record, You Will get 1.3 Billion Won… Magnuson Accepted

Enhanced Games offers Magnuson $1 million for a new 50m freestyle record

Former World Aquatics Championships men’s 100m freestyle champion James Magnuson (32, Australia)

decided to challenge for the ’50m freestyle world record’ by taking drugs banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Magnuson agreed to receive $1 million (approximately KRW 1.33 billion) from Enhanced Games officials if he surpasses the world record of 20.91 seconds set by Cesar Cielo (Brazil) in a ‘full body swimsuit’ in 2009. did. 스포츠토토

Magnuson appeared on SEN, a radio station in Sydney, Australia,

on the 8th and said, “Enhanced Games officials made an interesting suggestion.

If we try various things, we will be able to break the record.”

He said, “First, I want to go to the United States and get a checkup.

I will use drugs that do not cause problems in my body.

I want to record a video of the process of safely administering drugs and reducing my records.”

Enhanced Game is a competition planned by Australian businessman Aaron D’Souza and sponsored by Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, and the date for the first competition has not yet been set.

The organizers of the event select swimming, track and field, and martial arts,

where taking banned substances can have a significant impact on improving records,

as the main sports of the Enhanced Games.

In this competition, the use of drugs prohibited by WADA and the wearing of shoes and uniforms prohibited by each sport organization are expected to be permitted.

Due to negative public opinion, no elite or retired players have publicly announced that they will participate in the Enhanced Games.

Magnuson, who retired in 2019, became the first player to announce his participation in the Enhanced Games by accepting a ‘$1 million offer’ from the tournament organizers.

James Magnuson won two consecutive men’s 100m freestyle world championships in Shanghai in 2011 and Barcelona in 2013.

At the 2012 London Olympics, he came in second place in this event.

Magnuson’s personal best time in the 50m freestyle is 21.52 seconds.

He said, “Even after his retirement, I worked hard to take care of my body.

In fact, I have no knowledge about drugs, but if there is a safe drug that dramatically expands my talent,

I think I will be able to break the record.”