Director Yeom Ki-hoon and Yang Hyeong-mo

 Coach Yeom Gi-hoon of Suwon Samsung, which is competing in the professional soccer K-League 2 for the first time in the club’s history, promised to show ‘football that hits first’ with promotion.Coach Yeom said at the ‘Hana Bank K-League 2024 Opening Media Day’ held at the Seoul Grand Ballroomof The Plaza Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 26th, “Although we were relegated last year, the number of pectators increased. It was not the players who protected and supported Suwon, but the fans. “he said.He said emphatically, “Promotion is the only way to wipe away the tears of fans and restore their pride.”Coach Yeom met with reporters before the event and emphasized, “The goal is direct promotion,” and I’m not ignoring the second division, but I’m preparing with the idea of ​​promotion right away this year.” Coach Yeom, who experienced demotion to the second division last year as an acting coach, has now taken on the responsibility of promotion to the first division as the official head coach.Coach Yeom, who spent the off-season training the team as a coach rather than a player for the first time, was asked, “What kind of soccer will we show?” “I told the players, ‘I don’t want to be hit first,'” he said. “We will hit first and go in.” “He answered.Coach Yeom said, “The fans always asked why we throw away the first half,” and added, “I’ve heard too many stories about why we start with a goal scored. I and the players are also aware of this.” The team that Coach Yeom showed the most caution about as an opponent for promotion was Seoul E-Land FC.E-Land appointed coach Kim Do-gyun, who led Suwon FC last year, and made ‘extensive moves’ in the winter transfer market, including recruiting veterans Go Moo-yeol and Osmar.Coach Yeom said, “E-Land has recruited a lot of good players. It’s true that I’m worried,” but drew the line by saying that the match against E-Land, which is based in Seoul, is not a ‘super match’.Super match is an expression referring to the match between FC Seoul and Suwon, which, like E-Land, are based in Seoul.With Suwon falling to K-League 2, soccer fans will no longer have to watch super matches in the league until promotion.Coach Yeom said, “I feel like any team can do well. I plan to overcome it.”He predicted, “Not only E-Land but also Busan I’Park are always close to promotion. Seongnam FC has also made a lot of recruits,” and added, “I think those three teams will fight a lot against us.”The player that Coach Yeom, a former wing striker, wanted to perform the most was goalkeeper Yang Hyeong-mo, who also attended the media day.Coach Yeom smiled and said, “I hope Yang Hyeong-mo doesn’t go crazy and score even a single goal. I believe the captain’s role is more important than ever. I think he will do a good job.”Yang Hyung-mo, who received an impossible task from the head coach of ‘no goals in all games’, said with a firm expression, 카지노사이트킹 “I will do my best.”