Kim Ji-woong, a member of K-pop boy group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) / Newsis

Kim Ji-woong, a member of K-pop boy band ZEROBASEONE (ZB1), denied that he swore after a video call fan signing event, but his denial does not seem to be enough to have settled the matter.The controversy was first sparked on Friday after an internet user claiming to be Kim’s fan shared on social media two short video clips showing Kim during the online event. One of the videos, however, captures a male voice that allegedly uses inappropriate casinositezone language right after the event ends, raising speculation that the K-pop star cursed at someone for unknown reasons.”Does he normally end a fan event with such language?” the user commented. “Why should a fan walk on eggshells around him to talk to him after paying so much money (to join this event)? I did not ask him to do a weird challenge or say something odd. I did not do anything wrong and it was all Kim’s fault. Maybe I was just unlucky. I am upset.”

Kim’s management company, WAKEONE Entertainment, immediately denied the cursing allegation, saying it would take various measures to uncover the truth.”After asking Kim, our officials and interpreters, we learned that the accusation is not true,” the company said in a statement, Saturday. “We will employ different methods including digital media forensics to find out the truth and protect our artist.”In a separate statement unveiled on the same day, WAKEONE warned that it would take legal action against anyone disseminating content containing false information about its artists.However, the controversy entered the next phase after the online user who first raised the allegations shared a new post on Sunday. “The company released an official statement based on the memories of Kim and other staff members only. I wonder how they can do so considering that I have video evidence,” the user said.”I am so upset that the company is blaming me. And please stop spreading the falsehoods that I am a sasaeng (an obsessive fan who often stalks a K-pop singer) or an ugly fan. I also did not mention a gay drama (in which Kim made an appearance in 2022) when I was talking to him.”Kim is a member of ZB1, a project boy group made up of the nine winners from the 2023 audition program “Boys Planet.” Prior to joining ZB1, he was part 온라인카지노 of the boy group INX, which disbanded in 2017.