Yoon Ina, who had been suspended for ‘wrong ball play’, has opened the way for her to be active on the Korea Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA)

tour starting this season. Her discipline was reduced from three years to one year and six months.

KLPGA held the first board meeting of 2024 at the secretariat of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 8th and said

As a result of in-depth discussion on the ‘Yoon-ina disciplinary reduction case’ recommended by the Rewards and Punishments Subcommittee 카지노사이트랭크

we accepted it and extended the disciplinary period of suspension to 3 years. It was decided to reduce the exemption to 1 year and 6 months.”

Yoon Ina, who was suspended for three years by the KLPGA in September of that year for violating golf rules during the DB Group’s 36th Korea Women’s Open in June 2022

will end her disciplinary action on March 19 with this decision.

If her disciplinary action had been applied as is, Yoon Ina would have been able to compete from the second half of the 2025 season.

She will be able to compete from the opening match of the 2024 season KLPGA Tour to be held in April this year.

Yoon Ina, who debuted in the KLPGA in the 2022 season and made a name for herself as the ‘Long Hit Queen

caused controversy at the Korea Women’s Open held in her debut season.

He caused a stir by continuing to play even after learning that he had played with a ball that did not belong to him on the 15th hole in the first round of the tournament.

Yoon Ina, who missed the cut in this tournament, reported her misplay to the Korea Golf Association (KGA) a month after the tournament ended. In particular

the controversy grew further as she won the KLPGA Tour Ever Collagen Queen’s Crown a month after the Korean Women’s Open, which caused a stir, ended.

At the time, the KGA, through the Sports Fair Committee, suspended Yoon Ina for three years from her participation

seeing it as an act that undermined her golf spirit and her dignity as a golfer.

She then determined that the KLPGA had also committed serious misconduct as a member, and she imposed the same level of disciplinary action as the KGA.

If she had reported the wrong ball play right away, what would have been a two-stroke penalty ended up resulting in her being suspended for a long time.

However, her mood changed in September last year when the KGA reduced Yoon Ina’s disciplinary period to one year and six months.

The KLPGA also said through the Rewards and Punishments Subcommittee in October of last year

Yoon Na spent some serious reflection and self-reflection, and pledged to do her best to set an example for other players and the general public.

There were also 3,500 petitions for relief.” recommended a reduction in disciplinary action.

The KLPGA presented and deliberated on the agenda for Yoon Ena’s disciplinary reduction at its regular board meeting in December last year

but did not come to a conclusion right away. This is because, in addition to the public opinion that she should reduce disciplinary action

there was also strong opposition that she should not be released carelessly. As a long discussion continued at the first board meeting of the new year

the KLPGA finally decided to reduce Yoon Na’s disciplinary action through a vote.

After the board meeting, the KLPGA revealed the background for the disciplinary reduction, saying

The positions of sponsors, golf officials, golf fans, and all members, as well as the KGA’s reduction of disciplinary action against Yoon Na, were taken into consideration.

However, some point out that this decision should have been made more carefully as it could be applied as a precedent when determining the level of disciplinary action for rule violations in the future.

Yoon Ina said through her management company Crowning, “I am grateful to the KLPGA and KGA for giving me the opportunity to compete again as a golfer.

I will sincerely ask for understanding from my fellow players, both senior and junior, and will do my best to open my heart.

I will never repeat the same mistake again and will play honestly and sincerely according to the spirit and rules of golf,” he pledged.