The SSG Landers have changed their uniforms again. This is the fifth year in a row.

SSG unveiled its new emblem and uniforms on the 13th. The organization said it created a new brand identity (BI) to establish a league-leading ‘Frontier’ spirit and inherit the Incheon baseball heritage through the formation of the Landers’ unique culture.

The regular uniforms for the 2024 season consist of four types: home, away, home alt (ALT), and Incheon uniforms, with the exception of the Incheon uniform, and the newly designed BI is reflected on the remaining uniforms and hats. SSG will wear the home uniforms on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays of home games, the ALT uniforms on Fridays and Saturdays, and the Incheon uniforms on Sundays.

Todd Radom and Wilfderek are American sports branding experts with unrivaled knowledge and expertise, having designed logos for 18 World Series and 28 All-Star Games, as well as branding major organizations in Major League Baseball, including the Los Angeles Angels, Houston Astros, and Miami Marlins.

In fact, the new emblem and uniforms feature the iconic Houston Astros star. While retaining the original red color, the team’s past accomplishments and history of winning are highlighted through the use of the star. The new font on the caps and jerseys also adds a lighthearted feel. With the exception of the alt jerseys, the team’s iconic spaceship is gone, and even the back numbers have a new font.

SSG has been preparing for this since March last year. They invited experts from the United States to their home stadium, Incheon SSG Landers Field, to have in-depth discussions about the team’s history, local fan base, support culture, and goals. The renewal was completed over the next eight months.

This marks a rare case of SSG changing uniforms for five consecutive years, including during their time as SK.

In 2020, the logo, emblem, and wordmark were revamped for the 20th anniversary of the Wyverns. The colors and design were largely unchanged from the basic uniforms, but the bold Gothic logo was added to the front of the caps and jerseys. The red jerseys worn at the end of 2019 were well-received, so the team expanded the variety to include gray during the week and red on the weekends for away games.

However, when SSG took over the club in 2021, the uniforms naturally changed. In response to fan feedback, the team kept the red color of its predecessor, SK, and added a spaceship to its emblem to represent landing on an “uncharted frontier. The club symbol was decided to be the abbreviated ‘L’s’, which was the first KBO team to use an apostrophe (‘s) to differentiate itself.

In its first year, there was a sense of urgency to prepare for the start of the season, and in 2022, the team changed its uniforms again. The red color is lower in intensity than the previous uniforms, giving it a classic and sophisticated look. The bold font adds a strong image. The uniform, which many people compared to the Los Angeles Angels of Major League Baseball, helped SSS win the Korean Series, the league’s first wire-to-wire championship.

After the championship, another uniform change was made. The ‘Landers’ wordmark on the front of the jersey was replaced with a spaceship design, the SSG symbol, to strengthen the team’s identity. The “L’s” on the cap and emblem were also changed to an “L”. The red spaceship circles around the “L”. With the elimination of the gray jerseys, only red jerseys are worn for away games, and the caps and helmets are also red. The green color of the “Starbucks Uniform,” worn for home games on Friday and Saturday weekends, was a big hit. Unlike the other jerseys, the Rangers wordmark was applied in cursive.

This year, SSG also changed its uniforms. With the help of major league experts, the team prepared for a long time, and with the new manager and general manager, the team announced the change of uniforms again.