Pohang Steelers of the K-League 1 (1st division) of professional soccer announced on the 2nd that they have strengthened their strength by recruiting Kim Kyu-hyung, Eo Jeong-won, Lee Dong-hee, and Jo Seong-jun.

Striker Kim Gyu-hyung, recruited from Suwon FC, is evaluated as having excellent space penetration and good goal-making ability. 먹튀검증사이트

He is a multi-player, especially since he can be utilized both on the wing and in the centre. After graduating from high school as a member of Ulsan HD Youth, his potential was recognized enough to sign with Dinamo Zagreb, a prestigious Croatian club.

Eo Jeong-won, a member of Busan I’Park Youth, debuted in Busan. He was a winger, but has played as a left-back since 2022. As a former striker, he is good at participating in attacks and his crosses are also sharp.

Lee Dong-hee played an active part as a starting member of Bucheon FC’s three-back last year.

Based on his decent physical size of 186cm and 83kg, he is a fighter-type defender who is good at physical fights and active in heading competitions. His passing ability utilizing his wide field of vision is also considered to be his strength.

Cho Seong-jun, recruited from FC Anyang, is a veteran who has played in a total of 252 games in the K League, scoring 23 goals and providing 27 assists. His strength is his lateral play that utilizes his quick feet.

Pohang, which has strengthened its strength in both offense and defense, will work together to prepare for the new season at the Pohang Songra Clubhouse starting on the 3rd.