Yoon Ina (21, Hite Jinro), who received a severe disciplinary action for committing a foul during a golf game, will return to the field in April.

On the 8th, the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) said, “We reduced the disciplinary period for member Ina Yoon, who caused a stir at the 2022 ‘DB Group 36th Korea Women’s Open Golf Championship’ and was suspended from participating in competitions organized or hosted by the KLPGA.” and announced.

After holding the first board meeting on this day, the KLPGA said, “After in-depth discussion on the KLPGA Reward and Punishment Subcommittee’s recommendation for a reduction in disciplinary action against regular member Yoon Ina, we accepted the recommendation of the Reward and Punishment Subcommittee and increased the disciplinary period of member Yoon Ina’s business trip suspension from 3 years to 1 year.” “We decided to reduce the tax by months,” he said. 바카라사이트닷컴

Previously, the Rewards and Punishments Subcommittee also recommended to the KLPGA Board of Directors that since Yoon Ina was disciplined on October 30 of last year, she has been spending time in serious reflection and self-reflection, including doing about 50 hours of community service and donating all of her prize money from the U.S. Minor League Golf Tour. did.

At the time, the Reward and Punishment Committee said, “Considering the 3,500 petitions for relief, member Ina Yoon was suspended for 3 years (September 20, 2022 – September 19, 2025) from participating in KLPGA hosting and hosting competitions, and 1 year and 6 months (September 2022) He recommended to the board of directors, “Please reduce the tax to 20 days per month to March 19, 2024.”

According to Chapter 3, Article 21 (Amnesty) of the KLPGA Reward and Punishment Committee regulations, if the member subject to disciplinary action complies with the committee’s decision, complies with the disciplinary regulations, and has a clear intention to engage in combat, the disciplinary action may be reduced or exempted upon recommendation by the committee and decision by the board of directors. .

Ina Yoon violated golf rules by playing the wrong ball in the first round of the DB Group 36th Korea Women’s Open Golf Championship in June 2022 and reported it late, and was banned from participating in KGA competitions for three years by the committee on August 19th. received.

At the time, she judged that the tee shot that had been pushed to the right on the 15th hole was found in the rough, so she proceeded with the match. Although she later found out it was not her ball, she did not notify the Korea Golf Association, which organized the tournament, until July 15, about a month after the tournament ended. Coincidentally, after her rule violation, on July 17th she achieved her first regular tour win by coming out on top at the KLPGA Tour Ever Collagen Queen’s Crown. Accordingly, the Korea Golf Association issued a 3-year suspension in August and the KLPGA Tour in September of the same year.

The disciplinary action at the golf association level was previously reduced. On September 26 last year, the Korea Golf Association (KGA) Sports Fairness Committee announced that the period of suspension for Yoon Na, who is under disciplinary action, was reduced from 3 years to 1 year and 6 months. As a result, the disciplinary action imposed by the Golf Association will end on the 18th of next month. Following her suspension from the Golf Association, she will also be eligible to compete in the Korea Women’s Open scheduled to be held in June.

There was still disciplinary action at the KLPGA Tour level, and this disciplinary action will also end in March. As a result, Yoon Ina will be able to participate in about 30 KLPGA Tour tournaments starting in April.

Even though it was her debut season before receiving her suspension, Yoon Ina showed off her skills to overwhelm other players. Although Yoon Ina did not compete in the tournament after her suspension, she maintained first place in birdie average, birdie rate, par 5 average birdie, and par break rate even after the season ended. The prevailing observation was that if Yoon Ina had not made a bad play, Yoon Ina would have received the Rookie of the Year award instead of Lee Ye-won.

When Yoon Ina, her long hitter, returns to the KLPGA tour, she is expected to face off against second-year players such as Bang Shin-sil and Hwang Yu-min. Considering her history of driving galleries crazy, she is expected to have an impact on women’s golf popularity when Yoon Ina returns to her tour.