Changwon City, Gyeongsangnam-do announced on the 11th that Changwon FC, an incorporated foundation, was launched.The city completed the registration of establishment of a foundation on the 10th, completing the process of launching Changwon FC.The city has been proceeding with the process of incorporating the foundation since 2021 in accordance with the licensing regulations of the Korea Football Association.Changwon FC’s vision for the first year of its foundation is ‘a club that grows together with its citizens.’

The goal was set as ‘vigorous game, developing players, sustainable club, and happy citizens.’Changwon FC plans to improve performance, secure the club’s self-reliance, and communicate with citizens through soccer as a medium through a transparent club management system.

Changwon Mayor Hong Nam-pyo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Changwon FC, said, “A professional organization has been established for the continuous development of the soccer team,” and “We will spare no effort in providing 스포츠토토존 administrative and financial support to further expand the city’s soccer base.”