Heungkuk Life extended its winning streak to nine games with an unstoppable momentum.

The team defeated Pepper Savings Bank in straight sets 3-0 (25-16 25-22 25-17) in their home match of the Professional Volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V League Women’s Division at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on Friday.

Heungkuk Life won a close full-set match against Pepper Savings Bank on the first day of the season, but today’s victory was a dominant performance.

With 33 points (12-1), Heungkuk Life widened the gap with second-place Hyundai E&C (29-9).

On the other hand, the reeling Pepper Savings Bank suffered its sixth straight defeat and failed to gain a foothold to escape seventh place (6-2, 11 points).

Heungkuk Life took the first set with strong firepower.

At 6-6, Heungkuk Life took advantage of various scoring routes, including a quick open by Kim Mi-yeon, an open by Yelena Mrazenovic (registered name Yelena), a back attack by Kim Yeon-kyung, and an opponent error.

With a reception efficiency of 23.81%, Pepper Savings Bank was unable to close the gap as they committed seven errors.

The second set was fiercely contested as Pepper Savings Bank fought back.

In particular, Park Jung-ah, who scored only one point in the first set, came alive with six points in the second set (41.67% attack success rate) and put pressure on Heungkuk Life.

However, Heungkuk Sinsaeng’s comeback was strong.

At 21-21, Yelena scored the opening point and pepper setter Park Sawa made a net touch error.

Lee Ju-ah then blocked a back attack from Yasmin Bedardt (registered name Yasmin) to save a set point, before Kim Mi-yeon blocked Park’s quick opener to seal the final two points for Heungkuk Life.

Pepper Savings Bank was unable to gain any momentum in the third set, committing four unforced errors in the early going.

Toward the end of the set, the team’s lack of on-court chemistry was exposed, and they collapsed on themselves.

At 16-17, the toss connection broke down and Yasmin’s attack was intercepted by her opponent’s blocking, and at 16-19, her imprecise defense allowed her to serve for an ace.

In the end, she lost the third set after scoring nine points from 16-16 with only one point.

On the day, Heungkuk Life’s duo of Yelena (19 points, 39.13% attack percentage) and Kim Yeon-kyung (17 points, 51.85% attack percentage) proved their worth.

Pepper Savings Bank, on the other hand, was hampered by Yasmin’s (14 points) low attack success rate (23.53%). 토토사이트