Youngsters who emulate the playing style of KBL stars have appeared in Inje-gun, Gangwon-do. They are Kim Dong-ha of Wonju YKK, Lee Seok-chan of Ansan TOP, and Kim Yoo-chan of Gangnam Samsung in the 6th grade.

The ‘Skyward Inje 2023 National Youth Basketball Tournament’ kicked off in Inje-gun, Gangwon-do, on Saturday (Nov. 9). Over the course of two weeks, 107 teams in 14 categories for both men and women participated in the tournament, and various youths showed off their skills. In particular, the 6th grade preliminary round held at Namyeon Gymnasium 안전카지노사이트 featured a number of talented players who drew cheers from the crowd.

The player who stood out the most was Wonju YKK ace Kim Dong-ha. The long guard, who took on the role of game coordinator and main scorer, exploded for 26 points on his own in a 38-18 U12 Group B Game 3 win over Dongtan TOP.

He utilized his rhythm from the end line to score several easy isolation baskets and showed off his wide court vision to set up entry passes for his teammates whenever he caught the ball on the outside.

Kim’s performance was reminiscent of KBL sensation Dedrick Lawson (DB), albeit at a different position. He doesn’t have a lot of speed or flashy skills, but he has solid fundamentals and a relaxed rhythm to his game. His vision for not only his own offense but also his teammates’ chances was very similar to Lawson, who leads DB in the KBL.

“After this tournament, I will join a college basketball team next year. I think it’s because of my friends who make me stand out that I look good now. This is probably the last tournament I can play with my teammates, so I will try my best to win the championship.”

Ansan TOP field commander Lee Seok-chan reminded me a lot of SONO‘s Lee Jung-hyun, as he anchored a strong trap defense, isolation ability to drive to the basket from the top, and in-bounds passes to big men when trapped under the basket, all of which resembled Lee Jung-hyun, who has stepped up under head coach Kim Seung-ki.

Against Team Six in Game 4 of the Grade 6 Group A, Lee added energy to the frontcourt, including eight points in a 37-28 win. He used the aforementioned trap defense, out-of-bounds passes, and isolation moves to rattle the opposing defense with his hedge dribble, which Lee often uses to exploit mismatches. He was also very similar to Lee in that his offensive breaks would start a step or two behind the 3-point line.

Ansan TOP General Manager Kim Siwan said, “He is one of the mainstays of our team. He has good defense and is good at breaking through, so he leads the team well. We are aiming to reach the final in this tournament, and I hope he will show a good performance,” he said, expressing his expectations for Lee.

We couldn’t forget about Kim Yoo-chan, the ace of this year’s 6th grade team, Gangnam Samsung. Despite being over 180 centimeters tall, Kim is a promising prospect with great speed, solid fundamentals, and the ability to read the game like a guard.

In a previous interview, Samsung In-nam said of Kim, “He’s a very promising prospect. He’s still young, so there are no guarantees, but I’m sure he has the talent to represent Korea if he continues to grow as he is,” he said in a previous interview.

Of course, due to the overwhelming strength of his team in the Day 1 qualifiers, Kim Yoo-chan didn’t do too much and focused on teamwork, but he used his height to grab rebound after rebound, follow up steals with fast break layups and mid-range jumpers. He was reminiscent of KBL all-around forward Choi Jun-yong. We got a glimpse of the versatility of Kim Yoo-chan, the ace of the heavy favorites.

Even at the tender age of 6th grade, the trio is emulating the style of the KBL’s star players. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for their basketball careers.