1st team coaching staff selection completed, excluding batting assistant coach

New coaching staff joins SSG Landers

From the left, battery coach Yoon Yo-seop, pitching coach Bae Young-soo, and hitting coach Kang Byeong-sik.

SSG Landers, a professional baseball team that entrusted the baton to manager Lee Soong-yong (52), has Song Shin-young (46) as head coach, Kang Byeong-sik (46) as hitting coach, Bae Young-soo (42) as pitching coach, and Yoon Yo-seop (41) as battery coach. The formation of the first team coaching staff is almost complete with the recruitment of .

On the 29th, SSG announced the first team coaching staff positions, saying, “We made an effort to appoint coaching staff with expertise and coaching ability for each part.”

Coach Song Shin-young assists coach Lee Soong-yong as the head coach, and experienced bench coach Cho Won-woo guards the dugout.

Pitching coach Bae Young-soo, bullpen coach Lee Seung-ho, hitting coach Kang Byeong-sik, defense coach Lee Dae-soo, Cho Dong-hwa (third base) and Lim Jae-hyeon (first base) operations and base running coach, and battery coach Yoon Yo-seop are in charge of each field.SSG plans to appoint an assistant hitting coach soon.

2024 SSG Landers 1st team coaching staff

SSG, which dismissed former coach Kim Won-hyung on the 31st of last month, simultaneously selected a new head coach and recruited coaching staff.

The composition of the coaching staff for the Futures (2nd team) team was completed before the appointment of the 1st team head coach, and the recruitment of coaching staff for key positions in the 1st team was postponed until after the appointment of the new head coach.

SSG signed a contract with coach Lee Soong-yong on the 17th.

Afterwards, he consulted with coach Lee Soong-yong and accelerated the selection of first-team coaches for key positions.

The names that stand out are coaches Song Shin-young, Kang Byeong-sik, and Bae Young-soo.

Coach Song has a history with Hyundai Unicorns and Heroes, where he played with coach Lee Soong-yong.

Coach Song, a former pitcher, pitched in 709 games during his career and posted an average ERA of 4.25 with 60 wins, 51 losses, 47 saves, and 77 holds.

Coach Song, who has been a coach since 2018, reunites in the dugout with coach Lee Sung-yong, the ‘captain of Hyundai’.

Manager Lee said, “I come from a fielder background. The pitching department will give considerable authority to the head coach and pitching coach.”

Hitting coach Kang Byeong-sik also played with coach Lee Soong-yong at Hyundai and Heroes.

Coach Kang worked as a hitting coach for the Heroes in the first and second teams from 2013 to this year.

In the 2024 season, a new start will be made at SSG. 스포츠토토맨