Goyang Sono head coach Kim Seung-ki acknowledged that Suwon KT, which has finally become a “complete team,” is a strong team with no weaknesses.

The Sono lost 81-86 to KT in an away game of the 2023-2024 regular season at the Suwon KT Arena in Gyeonggi Province on Friday.

After falling behind by as many as 16 points at one point, SONO rallied late in the third quarter to pull within 80-79 with 2:51 left in regulation, but it was not enough.

“(KT) has so many players with so many abilities,” Kim said in the postgame press conference. They don’t have any weaknesses,” he said, “LG (Changwon) doesn’t have any weaknesses, DB (Wonju) doesn’t have any weaknesses. Everyone has a weakness, so we have to dig into it and fight, but it was hard.”

“Even today, it was hard because we couldn’t handle (the offense) even though we tried to find the weaknesses,” he added, “and that’s something we’ll have to work on as soon as possible next year.

As the season moves past the early stages and into the midseason, the three teams Kim mentioned are at the top of the standings.

Riding a six-game winning streak, KT is tied for second place with Changwon LG with a 12-5 record. They are two and a half games behind leader DB (15-3).

KT, whose ace Heo Hoon joined the team after completing his military service on the 15th of last month, had all of its mainstays on the court on the day as even starting center Ha Yoon-ki shook off an injury.

Ha Yun-ki was on fire in his return with 24 points and seven rebounds. He shot a whopping 75% from the field. Heo Hoon also scored 22 points and didn’t commit a single mistake.

KT coach Song Young-jin said, “Yoon-ki is doing her job well. I think he will get better,” he said.

However, Song said that KT’s strength was not good enough compared to LG and DB.

He believes that the fact that the main foreign player is a forward instead of a center could be a weakness. KT’s main shooter, Paris Bass, prefers to charge and shoot from the outside rather than attack from under the basket.

“We have a weakness against teams that are strong under the basket. We have to try to play a lot of cooperative defense, and if (the opponent’s) perimeter shooting goes up, it becomes more difficult to play,” Song said, adding, “We need to be more systematic with the players’ physical fitness, tactics, etc.”

However, he added: “The players’ will is good right now. They are working hard, and with this atmosphere, I think we can compete with those teams (LG and DB),” he said, adding, “We are at a slight disadvantage, but we will do our best.” 슬롯게이밍