We have a new one-two punch.

Goyang Sono’s one-two punch is Lee Jung-hyun (187 cm, G) and Jeon Sung-hyun (188 cm, F). However, Jeon’s form hasn’t been the same since the 2022-2023 season, and Jarrod Jones (205 cm, F), the team’s first-option foreign player, hasn’t been as good. As a result, Sono’s center could fall apart.

However, Chinanu Onuaku (206 cm, C) became Sono’s saving grace. In particular, Lee Jung-hyun was given wings thanks to 스포츠토토 Onuaku. Onuaku, in turn, benefited from Lee. Their synergy has created a new one-two punch for Sono.

Despite Sono’s foreign player mix being shaky, Lee Jung-hyun was strong. He led all first-round players in minutes played, led all first-round Korean players in points scored, and led all first-round players in assists. Despite Sono’s four wins and five losses, Lee emerged as the favorite for MVP of the first round.

However, Lee lost the first round MVP award to former teammate Dedrick Lawson (202 cm, F). But Lee wasn’t disappointed. In fact, he carried the momentum from Game 1 into Game 2. He led Sono to its fourth straight win.

The pressure was on, with most coaches giving her specific numbers, such as “20 points and no more than four assists.” Nevertheless, she delivered when it mattered. As an ace, she knew when to step up.

Why Lee Jung-hyun is Sono’s ace. The addition of a solid big man. Enter Chinanu Onuaku (206 cm, C), who became Sono’s foreign player in the second round.
Onuaku played at DB for Wonju in the 2019-2020 season. At that time, he built a DB mountain with Yoon Ho-young (retired) and Kim Jong-kyu (206 cm, C). They led the DBs to a joint first place finish.

Onuaku’s strengths are perimeter defense and rebounding, and he is also a powerful scorer with his height. Add to that his passing game. His experience in various leagues is also a new weapon. Coach Kim Seung-ki Sono said, “Onuaku said, ‘I’ll help you with (defense),’ and he teaches the Korean big men how to defend. Domestic big men also follow him,” he said, adding that he trusts Onuaku’s presence.

In particular, Onuaku was Lee Jung-hyun’s guardian angel. He opened up Lee’s offense and created synergy with Lee. This was one of the reasons for SONO’s “first four-game winning streak”. However, the lack of domestic players to support Onuaku and Lee could be their Achilles heel. Without the help of a domestic player, Onuaku could face more scrutiny.