Achieved an A record in the 50m backstroke at the national team selection and was selected to the national team in first place.

Ji-hwan Yoon qualified for the 50m backstroke at the 2024 Doha World Championships.

A total of six athletes passed the International Swimming Federation A record at the 2024 Swimming (Swimming) National Team Selection Competition held from the 23rd to the 28th.

Among those who earned the right to participate in the long-course (50m) World Aquatics Championships to be held in Doha, Qatar next February on their own, the youngest is Yun Ji-hwan (17, Gangwon Physical Education High School), winner of the 50m backstroke.

Ji-hwan Yoon, currently a second year high school student, won 24 seconds in the 50m backstroke finals held at the Gimcheon Indoor Swimming Pool in Gyeongsangbuk-do on the 27th, pushing out prominent seniors such as Lee Joo-ho (Seogwipo City Hall), Won Young-jun (Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall), and Song Im-gyu (Gangwon Provincial Office), the ‘Korean backstroke sign’. The first thing I did with 96 was the touchpad.

Ji-hwan Yoon, who continues to reduce records, is now 0.03 seconds behind the Korean record of 24.93 seconds for the 50m backstroke established by Ji-seok Kang in 2018.

The 24.96 seconds that Yun Ji-hwan recorded on this day is equivalent to a bronze medal in the 50m backstroke final at the Hangzhou Asian Games and ranks 9th in the world rankings for the 2023-2024 season.

Ji-Hwan Yoon, who won the National Sports Festival just a month ago with a time of 25.04 seconds, showed an upward trend by shortening the time by 0.08 seconds.

Ji-hwan Yoon said, “I prepared by looking at the new Korean record after the Games, but unfortunately I couldn’t break it. I will prepare to break it in the next competition.”

To say this one thing, Ji-hwan Yoon had to organize the words in his head for over 10 seconds.

It’s still awkward to speak in front of many people, but once you get in the water, you become a completely different person.

He, who started swimming in the third grade of elementary school and became an athlete simply because he liked the water, has now become an athlete attempting to set a Korean record.

Yun Ji-hwan qualified for the 50m backstroke world championships.

Ji-hwan Yoon, who earned the right to participate in his first long-course world championships by easily passing the International Swimming Federation men’s 50m backstroke A record of 25.16 seconds, still aims to set a new Korean record.

He said, “My goal was to set a new Korean record for both the National Sports Festival and this selection competition, but I was unable to do so. Now, my goal is to set a new record at the World Championships.”

Yun Ji-hwan’s main event, the 50m backstroke, is not held at the Olympics and is only held as an official event at the World Championships and Asian Games.

Yun Ji-hwan, who is still strong only in the 50m backstroke, has his next goal to improve his stamina and achieve a good goal in the 100m as well.

He said, “I had a bad second half of the 100m backstroke, so I did a lot of training to hold on. For the 50m, my start was my weakness, so I did a lot of training to strengthen my agility.” He added, “I will work on my weaknesses and challenge for a medal at the World Championships, and I will also prepare hard for the 100m to go to the Olympics.” “I want to compete,” he said.

What Ji-hwan Yoon is most looking forward to at the World Championships, which has now become a reality, is to compete with world-class athletes.

Yun Ji-hwan’s favorite athlete, Ryan Murphy (USA), gold medalist in the 100m backstroke at the Fukuoka World Championships, announced that he would not participate in next year’s Doha World Championships, but Ji-hwan Yoon said, “Even though I’m very nervous, I’m just happy to compete with great athletes.” .

Lee Joo-ho, Korea’s leading backstroke athlete, is both an idol and a mountain to overcome.

Ji-hwan Yoon, who has now proudly entered the Jincheon Athletes’ Village as a member of the national team, did not hide his expectations, saying, “This is my first time going to the Jincheon Athletes’ Village since I was a dream athlete in elementary school. Senior Lee Joo-ho will also be there, so I want to learn a lot.” 슬롯