Born in Korea and immigrated to Australia in 2021. Realize your dream of entering the United States

Kim Jun-seok signed with American professional baseball team Pittsburgh

Kim Tae-min (52), the son of an American professional baseball Pittsburgh Pirates scout, Kim Jun-seok (17, Australian name Jayden Kim) signed a minor league contract with Pittsburgh.

Scout Kim Tae-min said in a phone call with Yonhap News on the 20th, “Pittsburgh has consistently shown interest in Jun-seok. The club made a good offer, and Jun-seok decided to take the opportunity.”

Prior to this, on the 15th, the Pittsburgh team announced, “We have signed a minor league contract with international amateur free agent Kim Jun-seok.”

Kim Jun-seok was born in Korea and started playing baseball at the age of 10.

Kim Jun-seok, who moved to Australia in 2021 after graduating from middle school in Korea, was selected for the Australian under-18 national team in 2022 and 2023.He was selected as an ‘American Professional Baseball International Amateur Prospect’ for two consecutive years and also had the valuable experience of holding a fall camp in the United States.

This was the opportunity for Pittsburgh to confirm Kim Jun-seok’s talent.

Kim Jun-seok’s father, scout Kim Tae-min, was born in Australia and joined the LG Twins of the Korean Professional Baseball KBO League in 1993.

Since 2000, he has worked as a scout for the Minnesota Twins of American professional baseball.

In 2016, he led Byung-ho Park (37, current KT Wiz) to go to Minnesota.

Scout Taemin Kim left Minnesota, where he had worked for over 20 years, and moved to Pittsburgh this year.

He was cautious, saying, “I’m worried that there might be some misunderstanding,” and added, “Due to the club’s system, I cannot be involved in Jun-seok’s recruitment. Pittsburgh has consistently shown interest in Jun-seok, and the contract was in accordance with Jun-seok’s wishes.”

Kim Jun-seok, born in 2006, signed with Pittsburgh

Kim Jun-seok’s main position is shortstop.

When asked to “evaluate player Kim Jun-seok,” scout Kim Tae-min hesitated, saying, “It’s too difficult…” and then added, “His defense is good. So far, he’s been batting on the right side, but in the U.S., he plans to challenge himself as a switch hitter (two-handed hitter).” He spoke briefly.

Australian baseball team training manager Andrew Riddle introduced Kim Jun-seok in more detail.

Manager Riddle said in an interview with the Australian national team website, “Kim Jun-seok caught the eye of Australian national team officials from the moment he arrived in Australia. Kim Jun-seok’s defensive ability has already surpassed that of players his age. He also played solidly in international competitions. He is an all-rounder. “I grew as a player, adapted well to Australian culture, and was loved by my coaches and teammates,” he said.

Kim Jun-seok said, “I played baseball in Korea and came to Australia, where I encountered a completely new environment, language, and people. As I adapted to the changes, my perspective on baseball broadened.”

Now Kim Jun-seok is going out on a bigger stage.

Scout Kim Tae-min said to his son Kim Jun-seok, “Congratulations on achieving your first dream of becoming a professional player. Life in the minor league will be very difficult. I hope you overcome the difficult process and reach a higher place (major league). “Becoming a human being is an important goal you must achieve,” he advised. 19가이드03