“I think I would have had a little more advantage in becoming the batting champion because I didn’t play against Peddie (laughter).”

NC Dinos outfielder Son Ah-seop (35) cheerfully revealed the secret to winning his first batting title.

Son Ah-seop received the best player award at the ’11th 2023 Korean Professional Baseball Retired Player’s Day Awards Ceremony

held at Hotel Riviera Cheongdam Versailles Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 7th. 카지노사이트랭크

It was a meaningful award in that he was the best junior of the year

selected directly by seniors who had played on the professional baseball stage and retired.

Immediately after receiving the award, Son Ah-seop said

I am sincerely grateful to the senior baseball players who gave me this great award.

I think the award was given in the spirit of encouraging me to become a player who can become a better example for my juniors.

It is an honor and a greater sense of responsibility.” “This will happen,” he said.

Son Ah-seop was nominated by the Lotte Giants in 2007 and this year marks his 17th year as a professional

but he had no relationship with the batting champion until last year.

Son Ah-seop is a batsman who ranks 7th in KBO history and 3rd in active professional history with a batting average of 0.322.

He boasted top-level contact ability in the KBO league and produced matching results

but he had nothing to do with being the batting champion.

This season, he recorded a batting average of 0.339 (187 hits in 551 at-bats) and won the batting title for the first time in his career.

He was 3 leagues ahead of the record of 2nd place Koo Ja-wook (Samsung Lions, 0.336).

He won the 4th most hits award in his career with 187 hits, and achieved 150 hits for 8 consecutive years for the first time in KBO league history

living up to his reputation as Korea’s best substitute hitter.

It was worthy of being selected as this year’s grand prize by professional baseball seniors.

Son Ah-seop chose Eric Peddy (30, Chicago White Sox)

as the secret to beating his competitors and taking first place in batting average.

Peddie signed a contract with NC this year for a total of $1 million and played an active role as the KBO’s best foreign ace ever.

He started 30 games this season and recorded 20 wins, 6 losses, 180⅓ innings

209 strikeouts, and a 2.00 earned run average.

He ranked first in most wins, strikeouts, and earned run average

becoming the fourth pitcher in KBO history and the first foreigner to win the Triple Crown.

He left behind the best performance in the history of KBO foreign pitchers, and naturally, the MVP award was his.

While playing in the KBO League for a year, Peddie was evaluated as having grown rapidly into a completely different player.

Thanks to this, he was able to agree to a two-year contract worth $15 million (about 19.8 billion won) with the White Sox, an American major league club, on the 6th Korean time.

Before coming to Korea, Peddie spent six seasons in the Major League with the Washington Nationals, appearing in 102 games (88 as a starter).

He was not a standout player at all, recording 21 wins, 33 losses, 454⅓ innings, and an ERA of 5.41, and was released by Washington when he was eligible to apply for salary adjustment after finishing last season

so he had no choice but to choose a new challenge in Korea. There was none.

Although he came to Korea cold-heartedly out of competition with big league players, Peddie did not waste his time.

MLB.com, the major league website, said, ‘When he played in Washington

Peddie was a pitcher who relied on a sinker, curve, and changeup.

But when he went to Korea, he added sweepers to his repertoire, and the changes were immediate.

The strikeout rate of 29.5% in the KBO League is far higher than the major league record of 17.5%, and the walk rate of 4.9% is half of the major league record of 9.5%.

And Peddie’s ground ball induction rate is 70%, which is an excellent level.’

‘MLB Trade Rumors’ announced Peddie’s imminent return to the big league on the 5th and said

He has laid the foundation for a quick return to the major league by showing solid performance in a generally hitter-friendly overseas league.

His performance has improved, and he appears to have reorganized his pitch mix. In an interview with the Washington Post last August

Peddie revealed that he polished his slider to create more horizontal movement and also changed his change-up grip.

“Such a changed weapon aroused the interest of several major league clubs this winter.”

Of course, Son Ah-seop did not have to stand at bat and face Peddy, who was the ace of the same team.

This is why he chose Pedi as the secret to winning the batting title competition.

Son Ah-seop said, “I tried hitting (Peddy’s ball) during the Blue and White match in the U.S.

but I was curious as to how good it would be since I didn’t actually experience it.

I think I had a bit of an advantage in becoming the batting champion because I didn’t play against Peddy.

I’m the best pitcher possible. “I’m definitely happy to be on our team,” he answered with a laugh.

Regarding Peddie’s return to the major league, he said, “It’s truly something to congratulate.

It’s a good memory for me to have been able to work with a great player as a teammate on the same team.

In any case, it’s a great opportunity to further promote the name of our NC Dinos in the United States.

It’s something to celebrate. It’s definitely something to celebrate.

From a team perspective, it’s disappointing and a big blow

but it was an honor to be able to play with such a player,” he expressed his sincerity.

Looking back on this year, Son Ah-seop smiled and replied, “I’m really happy.

He said, “Actually, I feel that way these days when I lie down to sleep alone.

Because I’m so happy, I feel the pressure of thinking

Will I be able to do as well as I did this year next year? I have to do it.

The pressure also comes with it.

I hope to get good grades next year as well, so there will be a lot of award ceremonies like this year.

I want to be invited to the awards ceremony.

This kind of award ceremony motivates me,” he honestly confessed.

Son Ah-seop has scheduled personal training in the United States this winter as well.

Last winter, personal training with Kang Jung-ho in the U.S.

led to him becoming the batting champion for the first time in his life

so he plans to follow the same routine again this year.

He is expected to leave for the United States around mid-January

do personal training first, and then move directly to the Arizona training site in the U.S.

where the NC 1st team spring camp is held, to join.

This year, we will try to find a way to increase long-hitting production while maintaining our existing strength of contact ability.

This season, he failed to perform at the top of the league with 5 home runs and a slugging percentage of 0.443.

Son Ah-seop said, “I try to maintain my strengths, but I often think that the number of home runs is disappointing.

It’s not something I can hit when I want to.

When I go to the U.S. this time, I will discuss with (Kang) Jeong-ho about the reason why the number of home runs is low.

I’m thinking of giving it a try,” he said.

Credit those around him for having his best season yet. Son Ah-seop said, “I received this award for the first time in 17 years thanks to the sincere help of many fans, not pretense.

I am also sincerely grateful to owner Kim Taek-jin, who supports NC so that it can focus only on baseball.

The help of the front office and coach Kang In-kwon and other coaches.

I think I received a good award because of this,” he said.