The closing ceremony location of the ‘2027 Summer World University Games’ (Summer U Games) jointly hosted by four cities and provinces in the Chungcheong region is from the ‘Sports Complex’ in Daepyeong-dong, Sejong City to ‘Central Park’ in Sejong-dong. There is a growing possibility that it will change to .This is because the comprehensive sports facility construction project being promoted by Sejong City has suffered setbacks due to delays in the government’s feasibility study, and it is predicted that completion before the opening ceremony will be realistically impossible.According to the city and the Summer U Games Organizing Committee on the 8th, a 25,000-seat main stadium (building area of ​​34,780 square meters) will be built starting this year on an area of ​​184,728 m2 in Daepyeong-dong at a cost of 481.2 billion won, with the goal of completion in the first half of 2027. The construction of a comprehensive sports facility with a 4,000-seat indoor gymnasium (11,390 m2) is being promoted.However, the overall schedule of the sports facility construction project is being delayed as the feasibility study requested by the city and the organizing committee to the Korea Development Institute (KDI) is later than scheduled.As a result of the feasibility analysis, it appears that the benefit-to-cost ratio (B/C) is not high.Even if this project passes the feasibility study and is finally confirmed next year, the general analysis of the city and related industries is that it will not be easy to complete within the deadline as there are many procedures to go through, such as National Assembly deliberation and basic and detailed design.In relation to this, the International University Sports Federation (FISU) inspection team, which visited the Chungcheong region for three days starting on the 6th to inspect the preparations for the Summer U Games, visited Sejong Central Park the day before and toured the facilities.Central Park is being considered as a candidate site for the closing ceremony if the city fails to complete the 카지노사이트킹 Daepyeong-dong Sports Complex within the deadline.