Neymar clutching his knee and complaining of pain

Brazilian soccer star Neymar (Al Hilal), who underwent cruciate ligament surgery, is expected to not participate in the Copa America, a South American soccer competition held in the United States in June 2024.

ESPN reported on the 20th (Korean time), “Brazil national soccer team doctor Rodrygo Lasmar said that Neymar will not be able to participate in the 2024 Copa America.”

Neymar was carried out on a stretcher after collapsing with an opponent at the end of the first half of the 2026 North and Central America World Cup South American qualifying match between Brazil and Uruguay held in Montevideo, Uruguay last October. 먹튀검증 안전놀이터 백링크

Neymar, who suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in his left knee, underwent surgery last month under the direction of Lasmar, the national team doctor.

Neymar, whose surgery went well, is expected to be able to return to the field in the middle of next year, and fans are paying attention to whether Neymar will participate in next year’s Copa America.

Neymar being carried out on a stretcher

However, the national team doctor Rasmar gave a negative response to Neymar’s participation in the Copa America.

He said through Brazilian media ‘REDE 98‘, “It is meaningless to skip the necessary steps and take unnecessary risks in order to recover faster,” and added, “It is too early to return to the Copa America.”

Rasmar emphasized, “Patience is needed. It is hasty to talk about returning 9 months after the injury,” and added, “It is important to allow the necessary time for the ligaments to rebuild.”

“Neymar will only be able to perform at the highest level again if he follows all these steps and recovers sufficiently,” he added. 슬롯